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Professional names

Boehm, Rhonda

Surprisingly few women in Australian Potters’ Marks have changed their names over their years of professional practice. Those who have already made a name for themselves as single women tend to work under the same name when they acquire partners. Many women also become established later in life, after they have married and started a family. Of course, there are exceptions. Gwyn Hanssen Pigott started out as Gwyn Jones, then Gwyn Hanssen and finally Gwyn Hanssen Pigott.  Klytie Pate signed works as ‘Klytie Sclater’ before her marriage. June Dyson first made work under the name ‘Lorrant Studio’. Emily Laszuk was Emily Stackman for a time, and the South Australian potter Rhonda Boehm practiced for some years under her married name,  Rhonda Longbottom, before reverting to her ‘maiden’ name.

Illustrated: ЯB (impressed) for work made by Rhonda Longbottom (née Boehm) from the mid-1980s.


2 thoughts on “Professional names

  1. There is a reverse of this topic. When I started to buy Janet Korakas she was married. She has since divorced and now pots as Janet Beckhouse.


    Posted by kooriflag | September 23, 2013, 9:37 am

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