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Gormanns, Ingeborg

Earlier this year I posted a list of topics added or significantly updated in May, with the intention of making regular reports on content being added to Australian Potters’ Marks. I can’t believe that it is now already November! Much has happened since May on the home front and I have been devoting my project time mainly to keeping up with members’ finds. The Identifying Australian Pottery group continues to grow in numbers and expertise and identification problems are often solved by the time I open the latest discussion thread. We continue to find new mystery marks but the knowledge base is also continuously growing. To catch up, I’ve listed all the topics added or significantly updated in June, July, August, September and October, with the idea of resuming regular monthly posts at the end of November.

Illustrated: The impressed interlocking ‘CC’ mark – one of our most intractable mysteries – now identified as the mark used by Victorian potter Ingeborg Gormanns.

Topics added or substantially updated in June: This was a quiet time in the gallery so I took time to make sure all the Sturt Pottery heads were represented in Australian Potters’ Marks, as reported elsewhere.

Topics added or substantially updated in July: We were on our winter break at the gallery and headed off to Melbourne for a week. Robert Waterson provided a detailed history of Redbyrne Potteries as described elsewhere.

Topics added or substantially updated in August: A printed label was found that finally identified long-standing mystery potter ‘Oakley’.

Topics added or substantially updated in September: There wasn’t much time for project work as I  worked from dawn to dusk to change over the exhibition and prepare for our River Music Fair. Other members were busy on other projects as well during September, it appears.

Topics added or substantially updated in October: New members brought new insights and we had some great new discoveries to document.


4 thoughts on “Catching up

  1. I have a ceramic pottery set (Potato serving bowl/w lid and a gravy bowl/w spoon) shaped like a baked potato. It is signed Mavis 1976. on the larger piece it is signed Norman and Anne by Mavis 1976. Do you have any idea whom the artist is? I have photo’s I can send.
    Thank you,


    Posted by Darlene Kuykendall | November 13, 2013, 2:52 am
  2. Hi I have about 15 pieces of ingeborg gormanns pottery, given to my family by Inge in the1980s-90s. One item was made specifically for my 17th birthday and has my name pressed into it. I do love the items I have and I was wondering if there is a public photo register of her work that I can contribute to.
    Regards sanja


    Posted by Sanja Van Huet | May 31, 2015, 4:13 pm

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