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Reid, Bill

January was an interesting month, with members out and about, finding new marks and connections that needed to be recorded. We added 25 new asterisked topics and updated the entry on Joan Sayers to include the marks used by her parents John and Phyllis Garrett. While I meant to get back to the Fusions collection, I got sidetracked with gallery work. During the month, we were visited by the potter Greg Liney who was able to provide us with information about his Creation Pottery at Mia Mia. Peter provided a number of new Western Australian marks and also acquired images of the marks used by Greg Sugden and Merrie Hamilton.

Illustrated: The incised ‘Bill Reid’ mark used by the blind potter Bill Reid on his Bark ™ Pottery.

Here are the topics added or substantially updated in January 2014:


2 thoughts on “January’s new topics

  1. I have just acquired a set of plates , cups and various other pottery items and they are marked benchmark Australian made f2 , I’m wondering about their origin and there value and date of manufacture, can anyone shed some light on where I may be able to find this information as they are in excellent condition ?


    Posted by Thomas | February 28, 2014, 3:29 pm

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