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Carl McConnell. Coaster. Base

The Fusions image collection has significantly enriched our image pool, as well as resulting in a substantial increase in the number of Queensland potters with entries in Australian Potters’ Marks. During February, we continued to work on the task of adding images to existing asterisked topics and creating new topics for those pottters for which we had recorded marks. Another of our ongoing mysteries was solved when we discovered that WW (impressed) was one of the marks used by the Victorian potter Walter Wassing. We also took the time to add an entry for Carl McConnell, who used over a dozen marks in his professional practice. Luckily, the marks themselves are well documented by Geoff Ford and Glenn Cooke and we now have written descriptions of them in Australian Potters’ Marks and examples of many of them.

Illustrated: CM (impressed), a mark used by Carl McConnell from c.1969-80s on special pieces, sometimes with the Pinjarra Pottery seal.

Here are the topics added or substantially updated in February 2014:


2 thoughts on “February’s new topics

  1. Judith
    Here is a drinking mug
    made by Gus & Betty,
    designed by political
    cartoonist Les Tanner.
    McLaren of Sir Henry Bolte
    Premier of Victoria.
    I hope the image is not huge.
    According to Gough Whitlam
    this mug destroyed his career.

    Vic Langsam
    Retired Art Dealer
    Selling Entire Collection.
    Paintings Watercolours.
    Etchings Ceramics Glass
    Sculpture Art Books & Reference Catalogues.
    M 0414 22 46 22
    e viclangsam@hotmail.com



    Posted by Vic Langsam | March 5, 2014, 5:03 pm

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