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Tim Holmes. Sugar bowl. Base

In July we created 26 new topics as well as substantially updating the entries for Aiston Park Pottery and Gillian Broinowski. Newly identified potters include Jean Avery, Noel Dickie, Dan Limon, Liz Morris and Lynne Rice. On our winter break in the gallery, I have been listing and packing away pieces left over from our “Forged by Fire” exhibition. As a result, three more woodfirers – Zak chalmers, Tim  Holmes and Duncan Ratcliffe – now have topics. In my spare time, having finished ‘A’, I have been making sure  existing ‘B’ and ‘C’ biographies in my online shop are all in Australian Potters’ Marks and also creating entries for  ‘B’ potters  with marks that we only know about from the printed directories. Every now and then, I dip into other sections of the alphabet, hence Jan Dunn, Ljubov Seidl and Barbara Swarbrick.

Illustrated: Two of the marks used by woodfirer Tim Holmes.

Here are the topics added or significantly updated in July 2014:


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