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Delrue, Chantale. Vessel. Base

In July, David and I closed our exhibition and took a winter break, travelling to Melbourne to deliver and pick up pots and to Canberra to visit the Ceramics Triennale exhibitions. Even so, the project added 13 new topics during the month. I also spent some days removing links in Australian Potters’ Marks to my online shop and replacing these with a Creative Commons licence  (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 AU). The biographies, which in aggregate represent many hundreds of hours of work, are often copied or adapted. The licence makes it explicit under what terms this can be done and will also allow Australian Potters Marks to live on as an independent resource when we eventually have to close our online shop. Amongst the new topics added, mystery ‘FJM’ turned out to be Frits Jan Massée and we found examples of Don Wordsworth’s marks.  I started to document the marks included in The Journal of Australian Ceramics 53/2 but was beaten by a need to prune the roses so will continue with this task next month.

Illustrated: Chantale Delrue’s painted mark.

Here are the topics added in July 2015:


One thought on “CC BY NC SA

  1. I would personally like to thank you for this wonderful resource. I appreciate everything you do. But…roses are important too. Cheers

    Susan Leayr



    Posted by Susan Leayr | August 5, 2015, 5:06 pm

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