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Coastal Claymakers Inc.

Osvath, Eva Karola

In August, we added 23 new topics. Another long-term mystery was finally solved with a name for the EKO incised mark. After clever sleuthing on the Facebook Australian Pottery group, the potter has been identified as Eva Karola Osváth. She also made pottery under the label Studio Eve in the 1950s, thus solving another mystery for the Facebook group. During the month, members found  examples of work by Thancoupie and John Patrick Kelantumama, adding to the number of indigenous potters represented in Australian Potters’ Marks. We are gradually getting closer to our goal of having linked entries for all of the potters from our seed data, this month adding Jill (Evans) Byrne, Robert Goodlet of Drake Pottery and Peggy Warren. We now have marks for the UK Potter Matthew Blakely who worked in Australia from 1988-2002, Fiona Staun provided us with a biography for Philip Staun of Bluebell Pottery and  I added some more entries from our online shop. August’s group is the Coastal Claymakers Inc. and we would welcome more information about past and present members and their marks.

Illustrated: Eva Karola Osváth’s incised EKO mark.

Here are the topics added in August 2015:


7 thoughts on “Coastal Claymakers Inc.

  1. Well done all! (and photograph by Wyvern Antiques 🙂 )


    Posted by mlsheld | September 2, 2015, 5:43 pm
  2. Hello.
    I’ve recently acquired a piece that may be by Peggy Warren. Is there any way to verify? It is inscribed ‘Peg Wren’.



    Posted by adelemacer | September 26, 2016, 3:06 pm

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