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Ernabella Arts

Ernabella Arts marks

In September, we added 14 new topics. Members found examples of work by Daisy Nook Pottery, Patrick Carfax, Pat Elvins, Jo Jones and Nadia & Norman Tildesey. A bowl by Andrea Ebsworth posted on the Australian Studio Pottery Collectors group on Facebook gave us an image of her ‘AE’ impressed mark. I copied biographies for Jena Bedson, Mark Reid and Brian Keyte from my online shop to Australian Potters’ Marks and also added a brief entry for Christine Wright, who taught Jena Bedson for a time in the late 1970s. (More information on Christine to fill out the entry would be most welcome.) The marks from JAC 53/1 have now been processed, resulting in new entries for Ernabella Arts, Keiko Matsui and Kim-Anh Nguyen. I have given the heading of this post to Ernabella Arts because the development of a ceramics capability in this remote indigenous community over the last decade and a half is such an interesting story. Follow this link to see recent work by the Ernabella potters exhibited at Sabbia Gallery in Sydney in 2014.

Illustrated: Selected Ernabella Arts marks scanned from JAC 53/1.

Here are the topics added in September 2015:


One thought on “Ernabella Arts

  1. Thank you for your work Judith. I always appreciate it,


    Posted by Susan Leayr | October 1, 2015, 12:25 pm

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