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Kez and M. Jay Design. Platter. Base

Members added 15 new topics to Australian Potters’ Marks in November and we also updated the Allan Lowe entry to include his first son Jon Lowe thanks to information provided by new member Wendijane. Several of the potters in the November list were identified through paper labels found on examples of their work. This is often the only way to put a name to a mark. While the entry is necessarily brief, the label usually lets us know where the potter practiced and we can sometimes guess dates based on the form of the phone number. Adding an entry for these potters gives them a web presence and it can be surprising how quickly we can build up a body of work as members find mysteries solved in their own collections. During the month, I couldn’t resist buying brightly coloured examples of the work of Zee Dammerel and Kez and M. Jay Design to add to our collection and to Australian Potters’ Marks. Also in the list is an entry for Elizabeth Kalix, an early teacher of pottery and art at the Canberra Technical College, and entries for Emily Laszuk and Victoria Howlett. The end of the month caught up with me before I could finish the research on another ceramic group, hence the generic title for this post.

Illustrated: The underglaze stamp and painted mark used by Kez and M. Jay Design in the 1990s.

Here are the topics added or updated in November 2015:


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