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Ellen Hanna-Stanyer and Ray Stanyer on Identifying Australian Pottery

Members added  18 new topics to Australian Potters’ Marks in January 2016. Here you will find an interesting combination of new finds and potters from the seed directories. We occasionally give potters an asterisked topic even when we don’t know their first name or gender and this is the case with L. Dinan of Wallan Pottery. With the entry on Ellen Hanna-Stanyer and Ray Stanyer we have finally solved another of our enduring mysteries – the painted ‘ES’ mark that was sometimes mistakenly attributed to Ted Secombe.  We were pleased to find an example of Rhonda Ogilvie’s work on eBay in January as she and her husband Keith were influential in South Australia, setting up Aldgate Crafts in 1967 and holding major Australia wide exhibitions there. You can find more about Aldgate Crafts in the recently published Tribute Exhibition:  Aldgate Crafts 1967-1978. [Maslin Beach, South Australia] [Cedar Prest], 2015. The book contains biographies of a number of potters we haven’t yet added to Australian Potters’ Marks so it will be a useful resource in coming years.

Illustrated: Ellen Hanna-Stanyer’s ‘ES’ painted mark.

Here are the topics added or updated in January 2016:


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