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New topics: March 2016

Phil Elson. Gold bowl. Mark

Members added 15 new topics to Australian Potters’ Marks in March 2016 and we also significantly updated the Robert Linigen entry. Phil Elson and Tom Sanders now have entries at last and so does the South Australian potter Neville Assad-Salha, although we still don’t have a record of his personal mark (images please if you have one of his one-off pieces). We were pleased to find an example of Samuel Crump’s work during the month. He is one of the potters from the 1973 directory, which included biographies but not marks, so it is good to have confirmation from the potter himself that he signed with an incised ‘Crump’ and used his middle name,  John, while teaching ceramics at Ballarat Teachers’ College . As well as continuing to create entries for the seed potters from the directories, we are starting to find work by potters who have only practiced in the 21st Century. In an open-ended project like ours, there’s no reason to have a cut-off point so if any emerging potters want to have an entry in Australian Potters’ Marks please don’t hesitate to send us images of your marks.

Illustrated: Phil Elson’s double overlapping circle mark.

Here are the topics added or updated in March 2016:


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