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New topics: May 2016

Maryke Degeus on Identifying Australian Pottery

In May those of us living in the southern states put our mowers away for the winter. This clearly gave members the opportunity to spend more time on the Australian Potters’ Marks project as we added 27 new topics. Amongst these are several significant names including Maryke Degeus, Graham Oldroyd, Stephen Skillitzi and Margaret Tuckson. During the month, we also added entries to the alphabetic lists and marks  to albums for individual potters who worked at Redbyrne Potteries. These are all linked to the main Robert Waterson / Redbyrne Potteries entry at the moment but may be given their own entries over time. Newcastle Studio Potters Inc. and Whiteman Park Pottery have been added to the Groups page  and we welcome more information about their members and marks.

Illustrated: ‘Degeus’ painted on a goblet by Queensland artist Maryke Degeus.

Here are the topics added or updated in May 2016:


3 thoughts on “New topics: May 2016

  1. I’m Les Peterkin. I have an entry in the “Encyclopaedia of Australian Potter’s Marks” by Geoff Ford.


    Posted by Les Peterkin | January 16, 2018, 10:39 pm

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