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New topics: September 2016

O'Hoy, Dennis

September is always a busy month at the Headquarters of the Australian Potters’ Marks Project (aka Australian Pottery at Bemboka) as we prepare for the opening of our new annual exhibition. Luckily, other project members contributed a number of new biographies and I made a push at the end of the month to capture entries from recent Facebook posts. We have therefore added a respectable 11 new topics to Australian Potters’ Marks. The entry on Dennis O’Hoy AM coincides with the publication of  An Angel by the Water (Holland House, 2016). Edited by Bendigo historian Mike Butcher, it features more than 30 contributions from fellow historians, colleagues and past students of O’Hoy. Also included in this month’s list is an entry on the British potter Michael Cardew. In 1968, he spent six months in the Northern Territory helping to set up the Bagot Pottery as a training centre for Aboriginals.

Illustrated: a mark used by Dennis O’Hoy on Bendigo Pottery Epsom ware.

Here are the topics added in September 2016:


2 thoughts on “New topics: September 2016

  1. Hi Judith

    Having just read your delightful email update, I thought I would send you a photo of my Michael Cardew signature -pot purchased from him in 1980 I think. The W represents his pottery business name and also an M and a C

    Cheers Chris Byrt



    Posted by CandGByrt | October 2, 2016, 3:00 pm

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