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New topics: October 2016

One Tree Hill Pottery. Five-petalled flower (impressed)

One of the good things about the Australian Potters’ Marks website is that we are able to update entries as new information comes to hand. Only five new topics were added in October but a lot of additional work was done during the month to update older entries.   We were at last able to add marks and examples of work to Don Court’s entry. We found that Catherine Drinan and Catherine Sloane Tamou were the same person.  We updated the entry for Ian Jones and Moraig McKenna to give more weight to Moraig’s marks. We found that the Potters’ Gallery in Beechworth had become a gift shop and that Ric and Judy Pierce had moved on to another stage in their careers. Surprisingly,  we also found another early mark for One Tree Hill Pottery.

Illustrated: an early impressed six-petal flower used on One Tree Hill Pottery pieces.

Here are the topics added or updated in October 2016:


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