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New topics: September 2017

Jennings, Karen Elizabeth

In September 2017 we added six new topics to Australian Potters’ Marks and updated the Lindfield Pottery entry. The new topics include Charles Catlin, a Newcastle potter who had an entry in the 1986-7 directory but without a mark. We now have images of one of his works with an impressed ‘C’ in a circle and a painted ‘Catlin’. The other new topics include Jeanette Daffin, Brian Holton, Karen Elizabeth Jennings, Duncan Miller and Marge Nichols. Duncan Miller apparently worked with the Boyds in Cremorne but we don’t yet have any further information about him so would appreciate it if someone knows more.

Illustrated: Karen Elizabeth Jennings’ painted KEJ mark.

Here are the topics added or updated in September 2017:


One thought on “New topics: September 2017

  1. I came across just by chance an article discussing an artist initial GHS on an Aiston Park Pottery Utensils holder.
    That mark is my initials Gregory Howard Shepherd. I was employed as their art director. If anyone is interested I have
    numerous photos and artwork used to decorate much of their pottery ware. All these images during my short time with AiSTON were produced entirely by myself.


    Posted by Gregory Howard Shepherd | January 20, 2018, 7:10 pm

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