Anstice, Hildegard from image pool on Flickr

Selected images A

  • Airlie Pottery – Airlie Pottery (impressed) with S Taylor Wodonga (incised); also Airlie Pottery (impressed) with Wodonga, VIC (incised) and Airlie Pottery Trading Company (printed)
  • Aiston Park Pottery – Aiston Park Pottery (impressed) alone or with a cross in a circle or three wavy lines in a circle, Aiston Park Pottery S.A. (printed), D.C. (DC) Aiston Park Pottery (impressed)
  • Albury Pottery– Albury Pottery ( impressed), Albury Handcrafted Pottery (impressed), Albury Pottery Handcrafted Australia (printed), Albury Pottery Made in Australia (printed)
  • Aldred, Chris – CA (impressed)
  • Alenson, Joan – in 1974-1981 but no mark recorded
  • Alexander, Anne – Anne (incised) [1986]; also Anne Alexander (incised)
  • Alexander, Brian – Brian Alexander (incised)
  • Alexander, Brian and Chris – Alexander Australia (impressed)
  • Alexander, Chris – Chris Alexander (incised)
  • Alexander, Doug – four-petal flower in circle (impressed) [1977], moebius strip (impressed) [1981, Ford]; also ealier marks: A (impressed), Alex (painted), X in circle (impressed); also the moebius strip (also called fingers through clay) with a tiny impressed DA.
  • Alfred, Trudie – AT [1977, 1981]
  • Alkoomi Pots – Alkoomi or Alkoomi Pots (painted or incised)
  • Allan, Robert – in 1981 but no mark recorded
  • Allen, Dawn – DA [1977], Da [1981, 1986]; also seen examples Da (painted or impressed)
  • Allott, Trixy –  Trixy (incised to about 1985, then impressed)
  • Allsop, Rob – Rob Allsop (incised), Rob Allsop Pottery (impressed)
  • Almond, Trevor – TA (incised), BP (impressed), Trevor Almond (incised)
  • Alting, Bernadine – B. Alting (impressed)
  • Altpere-Woodhead, Maiju – a (impressed)
  • Alty, Kathy – KA (painted), Kathy Alty (incised)
  • Alty, Wayne – Wayne Alty (incised)
  • Alvarez, Lino – Lino Alvarez (incised)
  • Alvarez, Lino and Ronald Charles – Outline of a dove [1985, 1986 under La Paloma Pottery]
  • Auld, Ros – solid triangular shape with circle in it [1985, 1986]; also Auld (painted or incised)
  • Austin, Kelly – KA (cursive) [JAC 54/1]
  • Austin, Wynne – WA (incised)
  • Australian Clayworkers – Australian Clayworkers Pottery Handcrafted in Australia (printed), Handcrafted for Yarra Glen by Australian Clayworkers (printed)
  • Austware Pottery – Handmade Austware (impressed) with the initials of the pieceworker and the year,  Austware Hand Made (impressed) around an abstracted map of Australia, Austware (printed) around an abstracted map of Australia, either empty or with a grass tree or the year inside
  • Auton, Nic – NIC A (painted), Legend in map of Australia (impressed), NIC in map of Australia (impressed)
  • Avery, Jean – A (painted or incised)
  • Avery, Scott – in 1981 but no mark recorded



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