My name is Judith Pearce. My partner David Rofe and I run a gallery at Bemboka, NSW, called Australian Pottery at Bemboka. I write a blog called Australian Pottery 1960s to date and manage the Identifying Australian Pottery discussion group on flickr.

For some years, I have been building a database of Australian potters’ marks. This list contains a subset of the known potters from my database – those with entries in the directories published by the Australian Potters’ Society from 1977-1996. To this I am gradually adding names from other published sources and links to topics discussing identified potters and their marks on the Identifying Australian Pottery group. Coupling the list with the discussion group will allow us to conduct research on the fly and to build up an image pool of marks over time.

Corrections and additions are welcome. Either contact me directly or share your information and images with the group. (Guidelines for participants in the group can be found here.)


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  1. This is a truly marvelous resource! You have not only provided invaluable information for the pottery researcher but I also love how you have designed the site so that you can actually see examples of the marks with relative ease. So often you can spend hours trawling the net for any information about studio pottery and even when you find a site it is confusing and laborious to use. I just wanted to thank you for your generosity in making this available to the public. Very best wishes! TJ Paris


    Posted by tjparis | August 23, 2015, 4:11 pm

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