Guidelines for participants

These guidelines apply to members of the Identifying Australian Pottery Group on Flickr.


Go to the Identifying Australian Pottery home page.

If you are already a member of Flickr and signed in, select ‘Join Group’; else follow these steps:

  1. Select ‘Sign in’ from the top right hand corner, select ‘Create new account’ and enter the required details.
  2. Return to Identifying Australian Pottery and select ‘Join Group’.
  3. Select the small buddy icon on the top right hand corner, select ‘Settings’ and go to ‘Email and notifications’.
  4. Edit ‘Your contact email’ to add your regular email address and set it as the primary address.


While you can upload images without describing them, adding a title, a description of the mark and tags helps other members to find them in the image pool. Make sure that you enclose tags consisting of more than one word in double quotes or each word will be treated as a separate tag.

If you know the potter, add the potter’s name to the title, eg

Stephen Fry. Shino vase
Stephen Fry. Shino Vase. Mark

Also add the potter’s name as a tag, eg

“Stephen Fry”

If you don’t know who the potter is, add a clear description of the pot to the title, eg

SB. Spherical vase
SB. Spherical vase. Mark

Also add the tag “Mystery potter” to both images.

Add a detailed description of the mark to the picture of the mark. Include your guesses as to what it says, if it is hard to read. Describe what you think you are seeing if it is a symbol.

When one of your mystery potters is identified, don’t forget to update image titles, descriptions and tags.


The best way of adding images to the group pool is to do so as part of the upload process. If they are already uploaded, either select ‘More actions’ on the image page , then ‘Add to / Remove from a group”; or add multiple images to the group from the group home page.


Any member can add comments to images in the group pool, reply to an existing topic or start a new topic by selecting the ‘Add topic’ button from the home page or discussions page. Instructions for adding images to discussions may be found here.


Asterisked topics dealing with known potters and their marks can be created by any member. The minimum requirement is that we know the potter’s name and the state in which they practiced and we have one or more examples of their marks. Judith may edit a topic to add more information before adding the link to Australian Potters’ Marks.


Seach the group through the search box on the top right hand corner. Always limit the search to ‘This Group’.
Results can be toggled to search either the image pool or discussions. The group search page can also be accessed directly here.

Limit your search or browse of the group pool just to mystery potters by entering mystery potter in the search box or selecting the mystery potter tag from the tag page.

Some members have also made their own mystery potter sets. These are listed here.

Images of known marks can be searched and browsed through the Australian Potters’ Marks flickr account.  When searching, limit the search to the Australian Potters’ Marks photostream to get precise results. To browse the image sets, use the links on this website or start from the Collection page on Flickr.


5 thoughts on “Guidelines for participants

  1. Hi.

    Where can I add a photo of a mark that I can’t identify, that others may see it and help me?



    Posted by staceymackey | May 6, 2015, 1:17 pm
  2. Hi Stace, if you join the Identifying Australian Pottery group on Flickr, you will be able to add your photo there. The Guidelines for participants will tell you how.


    Posted by Judith | May 6, 2015, 1:41 pm
  3. I have a large bowl(14″-16″) that I think came from stokers siding in northern nsw in the late 70s early 80s.It has a star mark scrapped into the bottom. Would you know of this mark and maybe who the maker is.


    Posted by Anthony | April 22, 2016, 11:35 am
  4. I have a gumnut tea caddy it has a fish like the religious one trying to identify the maker need help please. Thank you


    Posted by Jane | June 16, 2016, 12:03 am

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