Blakebrough, Les

Selected images TAS

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  • Alting, Bernadine – B. Alting (impressed)
  • Anicca Studio – Anicca [1996 under Chantale Delrue]
  • Artisan Pottery – Artisan Studio Tasmania (stamped) with LB and RS for Lisa Boyter and Rudolf Sibrava [1996]; also A (impressed) with three dots
  • Astley, Bill – B.A. (BA) (impressed)
  • Baron, Brenda – Brenda Baron Tasmania (impressed)
  • Bartram, John – John (incised)
  • Battaglene, Peter – Splash motif (impressed) for Watermark Pottery – looks like three-lobed form
  • Benporath, Anne – AB (impressed in circle) with Tasmania (impressed)
  • Bicheno Pottery – N+N in map of Tasmania with Bicheno (incised), Nadia + Norm’s Pottery in map of Tasmania with Bicheno Tasmania (incised), Bicheno TAS in map of Tasmania (incised)
  • Birdwood Studio – The Birdwood Studio Hobart (painted)
  • Blakebrough, Les – LB with two dots (impressed) after 1973, Les Blakebrough (red printed on porcelain after 1993), LB (embossed on porcelain) after 1997 [Ford]; also LB (impressed) [1977, 1981]
  • Bovill, Gillian – Gil Bovill or Gil B (incised), Bull in circle (impressed) [Ford], also GB (incised), Gillian Bovill (incised)
  • Boyter, Lisa – LB (painted) [1996 under Artisan Pottery]; also Lisa Boyter (painted)
  • Brooker, Eileen – EB TAS (impressed), EB TAS (painted), Eileen Brooker Tasmania (impressed) [Ford]; also Eileen Brooker Tasmania (painted)
  • Bulmer, Wendy – six-veined leaf (impressed) [1981]; also four-veined leaf (impressed)
  • Cauvin, Barbara – BC monogram [1977, 1981, 1985, 1986]; also Barbara Cauvin (impressed)
  • Clare, Ian – IC (impressed or incised)
  • Clegg, Sally – SC in triangle (incised) with Tasmania (incised)
  • Collins, Patrick – PC (impressed)
  • Coombs, Peggy – PC  (monogram) [1977, 1981]
  • Cox, Robin –  RC  with tractor  [1977] RC (R.C.) in house  [1981], RC (R.C.) [1985, 1986]
  • Creavin, Florence – in 1990 but no mark recorded
  • Cretney, Karin – in 1996 but no mark recorded
  • Crosswell, Margaret – Margaret Crosswell (impressed), sometimes with Ulverstone (impressed)
  • Curry, Sally – Curry [1996]
  • Cygnet Pottery – Cygnet Pottery Tasmania (impressed) with a swimming cygnet (impressed)
  • Deck, Peter – Peter Deck (impressed), Peter Deck Tasmania (impressed)
  • Delrue, Chantale – C. Delrue with Anicca for Anicca Studio [1996]
  • Doe, Margaret – Margaret Doe Tasmania (impressed), M Doe Tasmania (painted)
  • Doyle, Angela – angela doyle designs [1996]
  • Engisch, Helen – HE (impressed), Helen Engisch Hobart (impressed), HE (incised) with Tasmania (incised)
  • Engisch, Helen and André Gavlik – Throwers Arms Pottery (impressed),  Throwers Arms Pottery Hobart (incised)
  • Elder, Ruth – Re in circle [1981]; also RE in circle (impressed)
  • Edbrooke, Constance – in 1973 but no mark recorded
  • Faludi, Zsolt – ZF (incised), ZFS (incised)
  • Fifield, Michael – in 1973 but no mark recorded
  • Hawkes, Elizabeth A. – in 1973 but no mark recorded
  • Hoffmann, Neil – NH (painted in oxide) with a stepping bird in circle for Reedy Marsh Pottery [1996]
  • Holmes, Tim – TH in square with T inside H [1981]; also T. Holmes (incised)
  • Kirby, Jean & Don – KK’ with the first K reversed (impressed) with P [up arrow] A (impressed) for Port Athur; also Handmade pottery by Jean & Don Kirby made at Port Arthur, TAS. (002) 502351 (black and gold paper label)
  • Knight, Mark – Mark Knight (incised) with Tas or Tasmania, Mark Knight Tasmania (impressed)
  • Lee, Lorraine – in 1981 and 1985 but no mark recorded
  • Lenehan, Marjorie – M. Lenehan (painted), ML (painted or incised), Fleur-de-lis (impressed or embossed)
  • Lewis, David – DL (incised)
  • Maddock, Beatrice – Bea M (incised), B with dot to left (incised or painted), B with dot to left (impressed) with little studio (impressed), BE (impressed) [Ford]
  • Maisch, Jude – JM (impressed)
  • Makin, Gerald – GM Tasmania (incised)
  • Manchester, Margot – MM in oval (impressed) with two dots [1985, 1986]; also Margot Manchester (incised)
  • Martin, John – JM in rectangle (impressed), JM (painted)
  • McGrath, Vincent -V with three-lobed tree in circle [1977, 1981, 1985, 1986]; also Vincent McGrath (incised) with the three-lobed tree in circle (incised)
  • Mitchell, Cynthia – CM (impressed) in house shape [1977], same with T in lozenge for Tasmania [1981, Ford]
  • Mucha, Javier – JM (impressed in diamond), Made Javier Mucha TAS (impressed in diamond)
  • Nicholls, Val – VN in square with two dots [1996]
  • Panogana Pottery – Panogana Pottery Tasmania (impressed)
  • Parsons, Gwen – in 1981 but no mark recorded
  • Paul, David – Paul (painted)
  • Pigott, John – O (impressed) with a dividing line, JP (impressed); also unmarked
  • Plant, Jo – JP (impressed)
  • Powell, Billie – Billie Powell (painted) [1996]; also Billie Powell (impressed), Billie Powell Tasmania (impressed)
  • Stevens, Junita – JS TAS (incised), JMS Tasmania (painted or incised)
  • Stephan, Michael – circle in square
  • Smith, Penny – PS (impressed)
  • Smith, Derek – Derek Smith (painted), ds (impressed), DS (impressed – two forms), T in circle (impressed), Derek Smith Studio (impressed) with chimney kiln in circle (impressed), Doulton Studio Pottery (impressed), DS with Doulton Studio Australia (both impressed), Derek Smith Blackfriars Pottery (impressed), BF for Blackfriars Pottery
  • Sibrava, Rudolf – RS, and Artisan Studio Tasmania (printed) [1996 under Artisan Pottery]
  • Shaw, Margaret – MS with map of Tasmania (incised), MS Tasmania (incised) [Ford]
  • Shaw, Edward and Margaret – Shavian Pottery (incised), Shavian Hobart (incised in five versions), Shavian with map of Tasmania (incised), map of Tasmania (incised) [Ford]
  • Shaw, Edward – Edward Shaw (incised), ES in map of Tasmania (impressed),
  • Shavian Pottery – Shavian Pottery (incised), Shavian Hobart (incised in five versions), Shavian with map of Tasmania (incised), map of Tasmania (incised) [Ford]
  • Searl, Biddy – BS (incised), Biddy Searl Tasmania (impressed)
  • Scott, Sue – in 1988 but no mark recorded
  • Scott, David – Scott’s Pottery Tasmania (impressed)
  • Salmon, Jocelyn – J TAS (incised), sometimes with an impressed map of Tasmania
  • Salkeld, Monika – M (impressed)
  • Tahune Pottery – TP in circle (impressed), TP in circle in map of Tasmania (impressed), Tahune Pottery Huon TAS (impressed)
  • Tanton, Rynne – Rynne Tanton (incised), RT (impressed in circle), RT (impressed in square)
  • The Pot Company – The Pot Company Tasmania (impressed)
  • Theobald, Bronwyn – Theobald (incised) [JAC 52/2]
  • Thomas, Bill – Bill Thomas (incised), Bill Thomas Tasmania (impressed), Panogana Pottery Tasmania (impressed)
  • Throwers Arms Pottery – Throwers Arms Pottery (impressed), Throwers Arms Pottery Hobart (incised)
  • Tildesley, Nadia and Norman – N+N in map of Tasmania with Bicheno (incised), Nadia + Norm’s Pottery in map of Tasmania with Bicheno Tasmania (incised)
  • Travalia, Sally – ST TAS (incised)
  • Trueman, Bryan – Bryan Trueman (incised), BT (painted in ceramic crayon)
  • Tyson, Suzi – ST (impressed)

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4 thoughts on “TAS

  1. Hi – does anyone know of a Tasmanian potter who embossed their work with a tractor and the letter Q? We have a set of coffee cups and sasafrass (?) saucers that we’re trying to identify .


    Posted by Glen Bayer | February 10, 2014, 8:46 am
  2. does anyone know a tasmanian potter who embossed their work with a styalized eeT that is connected and a PR 72 ?


    Posted by IRINA | October 6, 2014, 12:53 am

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