Barraud, Arnaud

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  • Accadia, Peter – a (impressed), Accadia (incised)
  • Airlie Pottery – Airlie Pottery (impressed) with S Taylor Wodonga (incised); also Airlie Pottery (impressed) with Wodonga, VIC (incised) and Airlie Pottery Trading Company (printed)
  • Alexander, Brian – Brian Alexander (incised)
  • Alexander, Brian and Chris – Alexander Australia (impressed)
  • Alexander, Chris – Chris Alexander (incised)
  • Alexander, Doug  (1970-1976) – A (impressed), Alex (painted), X in circle (impressed)
  • Allan, Robert – in 1981 but no mark recorded
  • Allott, Trixy –  Trixy (impressed to about 1985, then incised)
  • Amesfield Pottery – A (impressed) for Warren Arthur’s production line
  • Anakie Pottery – various impressed, painted and stamped forms of ‘Anakie Pottery’
  • Anderson, Marie-Louise – Louise Anderson Yackandandah (impressed), Louise Anderson (painted), L. Anderson (painted), Marie-Louise (painted or incised), Marie-Louise Anderson (painted), MLA (impressed)
  • Angledean Pottery – Angledean Pottery (impressed) for David & Valerie Chappell
  • Annois, Jane – Jane Annois (incised)
  • Ardern, Elsa – E. Ardern (incised) [Ford]; also EA (E.A.) (incised)
  • Ardolino Ceramics – Ardolino Ceramics (incised), Ardolino Ceramic productions (impressed)
  • Arena, Carmel – Carmel Arena (incised) with C in a square (impressed)
  • Armitage, Joan – JA (impressed)
  • Armstrong, Beryl – BA (incised), Beryl Armstrong (incised), souvenir ware also with Greetings from [Victorian Country town] (impressed), Log Cabin (incised) with Greetings from Maryville (impressed)
  • Arthur Merric Boyd Pottery – AMB (incised)
  • Arthur, Warren – WA (painted) with A (impressed) for Amesfield Pottery, WA (impressed)
  • Badger Creek Pottery – Badger Creek Handcrafted (impressed), Cooke & Dutoit Badgers Creek Pottery (impressed)
  • Bailey, Juliet – JB [1985], Julie [1986]
  • Baines, Lyn A. – Lyn A. Baines (cursive), LB (impressed), oriental character
  • Ballarat School of Mines
  • Banitska, Tina – Tina Banitska [1982]; also Springmount (painted)
  • Barnes, Lesley – Lesley Barnes (incised)
  • Barnes, Tony – impressed T with dot under left or right arm of T, Moonshine Pottery Malmsbury (impressed)
  • Barraud, Arnaud – AB (impressed), A Barraud (incised)
  • Barron, Hilda – Barron (painted)
  • Barron, Robert – RB (painted) [1990]; also Robert Barron (painted) or GNP (impressed) for Gooseneck Pottery
  • Barta, Hilary – Barta (painted)
  • Baumann, Werner – Nagambie Pottery handmade (impressed), Nagambie pottery Werner Baumann (impressed)
  • Beck, Henry Hatton – H. Hatton Beck or H.H. Beck (both painted or incised), Altimira Pottery (incised), Beck (painted or incised), Beck Pottery (painted or incised) [Ford]
  • Beck, Lucy – Lucy Hatton Beck (painted or incised); also on tiles from 1972-1986, Lucy Beck (painted) or Lucy (painted) [Ford]
  • Beck, Margot – Margot, MB or Handpainted by Margot Beck Australia (incised) [Ford]; also all of these painted
  • Beck, Robert – R Beck or Beck (incised) [Ford]
  • Beck, Robert and Margot – R + M Beck (incised) [Ford]
  • Bedson, Jena – Jena Bedson Australia (incised)
  • Beeston, Jamie – JB (painted)
  • Bell, Jan – Jan Bell Australia (painted) [1996]
  • Bell, Leonard – LB (impressed) with WP (impressed) for Woodstock Pottery [1981]; also Leonard Bell (incised) and Mondrook Pottery (impressed)
  • Bellbrae Pottery – The Bellbrae Pottery (incised) with Garlick (incised) for Jennifer Garlick
  • Belltower Pottery – Belltower Pottery or Belltower Pottery, Handmade, Kyabram, Victoria (impressed)
  • Bendigo Pottery (1968- ) – various forms of Bendigo Pottery Epsom (impressed), some with the initials of the makers
  • Bentley, Graeme – GB (incised)
  • Benwell, Stephen – S. Benwell (painted) [JAC 50/1]; also incised
  • Berens, Anne – B in a circle [1981, 1985, 1986]
  • Big Duck and Fish Co – Virginia Maywald (painted), Made in Australia by the Big Duck and Fish Co (paper label)
  • Bish, Garry – B (impressed), Potters Arms with Z motif for Potters Arms Studio [1986], Garry Bish [1996]
  • Blaber, Ray – Ray Blaber, R Blaber or RB (incised)
  • Black Dog Creek Pottery – Black Dog Creek Pottery (impressed – in several versions), Black Dog Creek Pottery Chiltern Valley (impressed), BD (impressed)
  • Black Cockatoo Pottery – Black Cockatoo (incised)
  • Black, Margaret – Margaret Black [1996]
  • Blind Cow Pottery – COW (impressed)
  • Bowes, Colin – CB Colin Bowes (impressed)
  • Bowkett, Sandra – Sandra Bowkett (painted), three dots (impressed) [JAC 50/1]; also S Bowkett (painted)
  • Boxwood Pottery – Boxwood Pottery Kialla (impressed), Boxwood Pottery Kialla Vic (impressed), Boxwood Pottery Shepparton Australia (impressed)
  • Boyd, Arthur Merric – Boyd, AM Boyd, Arthur Merric Boyd (all incised)
  • Boyd, David and Hermia – Hermia Ware, Hermia, ‘Boyd / England, D + H Boyd, David + Hermia Boyd (all painted or incised) [Ford]
  • Boyd, Guy – Guy Boyd (incised)
  • Boyd, Kevin – Kevin Boyd (incised), Kevin Boyd Surrey Hills with five-petal and dot motif in circle (impressed)
  • Boyd, Malcolm – Boyd (painted), Black Cockatoo (incised)
  • Boyle, Anne – Boyle (painted), AB (impressed)
  • Bradley, Linda – Linda Bradley (incised), LB (incised)
  • Bradshaw, David John – DB in rectangle [1977]
  • Brookfield Pottery – Brookfield Pottery Everton (impressed or printed) for Robert A. Schulze
  • Broomhill Pottery – Goblet (impressed)
  • Brown, Peter – :I. (impressed)
  • Browne, Colin – three dots in a truncated circle (impressed) [1981, 1985]; also Tarrangower Pottery Maldon, Australia (impressed), T (impressed), three dots (painted as a decorative motif)
  • Bruce, Neil -RNB (impressed) with the R reversed
  • Brunsdon, Gabrielle – Gabrielle Brunsdon Australia (incised)
  • Buchanan, Gilbert – Gilbert Buchanan Redbyrne Potteries Shepparton (impressed)
  • Byrne, Jill (Evans) – Jill E. (painted or incised), Jill Byrne (painted or incised) [Ford]
  • Byrt, Gavin – Gavin Byrt (painted)
  • Caffin, Neil R – in 1981, 1985 and 1986 but no mark recorded
  • Cannie Ridge Pottery – AL Cannie Ridge Harcourt (impressed) [1981 under Allan Letts]; also Harcourt Vic Cannie Ridge Pottery Made in Australia (impressed) for the pottery itself and other variations with Allan Letts’ insignia
  • Carinya Pottery – Carinya Pottery Yarrawonga (impressed with a map of Australia)
  • Carlin, Tony – Carlin (painted or incised)
  • Carlton, Ray – Carlton (incised), Ray Carlton (incised), RC (incised)
  • Ceres – Ceres (painted)
  • Chalmers, Zak – ZC (impressed)
  • Chanter, Michael – VCG Aquisitions June 1990. No. 7 M. Chanter (incised)
  • Chappell, David & Valerie – Chappell (impressed), Angledean Pottery (impressed), Seamarsh Pottery (impressed)
  • Cheer, Chris – Chris Cheer Redbyrne Potteries Shepparton (impressed)
  • Chittams, Katrin – KC in square [1996]
  • Chong, Heja – Ch [1990]
  • Churchill, Zoe – wah wah wears.. with flower [JAC 49/2]
  • Clark, Trevor – Mudlark Pottery / Poowong Australia (impressed) [1996]
  • Clay Birds Pottery – Clay Birds Pottery Caulfield (impressed) with Hand Made by Marg Moroney (impressed) or Handmade by Lis McGillivray (impressed)
  • Clay Impressions  – Clay Impressions Australia (printed) by Stephen and Silvana Pill
  • Clay, Julie – Julie Clay (incised)
  • Claystone Pottery – Claystone (impressed), with CP (impressed) for Chris Plumridge
  • Cleland, Christine – CC with line through first C [1982]
  • Close, Laurie – L Close (painted)
  • Cockram, Thomas and Brigitte – TC (impressed) and BC (impressed) [1977]
  • Coad, Kris – KC (impressed) [JAC 50/1]
  • Cockram, Thomas and Brigitte – TC (impressed) and BC (impressed) [1977]
  • Cole, Bill – BC with angled letters, Bill Cole (cursive) [1977], BC with angled letters [1981]
  • Collett, Margaret – Margaret Collett (incised)
  • Conway, Anthony – AT Conway (incised) [1996]; also Conway (incised)
  • Cook, Ray – Ray Cook (incised) for Ray Cook Pottery
  • Cooke, Malcolm – M.C. Epsom (impressed) on Bendigo Pottery Epsom ware, Cooke Dutoit Clunes (impressed), Lillydale handcrafted MC (impressed), Malcolm Cooke (impressed)
  • Cooke, Malcolm and Cheryl Dutoit – Cooke Dutoit Clunes (impressed), Cooke & Dutoit Badgers Creek Pottery (impressed)
  • Cooper, Carl – Carl Cooper (incised or painted) [Ford]; also Carl Cooper Australia (incised)
  • Cope, Andrew – Andrew Cope (incised) 1996]
  • Copeland, Alexandra  – Alexandra Copeland (painted), A. Copeland (painted), Copeland (painted), A.C. (painted)
  • Coravaal Pottery – Coravaal (impressed)
  • Cornhill, Margaret – M Cornhill (painted)
  • Corser, Peter – P. Corser (incised)
  • Coulter, Wayne – Coulter (painted), Wayne Coulter Buninyong (impressed)
  • Cowie, Jenny – J. Cowie (incised)
  • Craig, Euan – C (impressed with Ram’s head) [JAC 54/1]
  • Creation Pottery – Creation Pottery Mia Mia Woodfired (impressed) with Greg Lyney or Robyn Lyney (incised)
  • Crow’s Foot Pottery – Crow’s Foot Pottery (impressed)
  • Crump, Samuel John – Crump (incised)
  • Culic, Milka – MC with M inside C inside circle [1982]
  • Cuthill, Stephen – Stephen Cuthill (impressed)
  • Dammerel, Zee – Zee Dammerel (incised)
  • Dandenong Ranges Ceramic Group
  • Day, Graeme – Graeme Day Redbyrne Potteries Shepparton (impressed)
  • Dermer, Helen – Kirby’s Flat Pottery, Yackandandah HED (impressed) or Yackandandah Pottery Victoria HED (impressed)
  • Dermer, John – JD in circle (impressed) [1981], 1982, 1985, 1986]; also Kirby’s Flat Pottery, Yackandandah JD (impressed) or Yackandandah Pottery JD (impressed), or John Dermer (painted or incised)
  • Dew, Sharon – Struggle Cottage pottery Marong (impressed) and/or sd (impressed)
  • Diggings Pottery – The Diggings Pottery est 1980 (stamped) [1996 under Leonie Tyson]
  • Diggins, David – DD (painted)
  • Diggins, David and Linda – DLD (painted), Diggins Pottery (impressed), Diggins Ceramics Australia (impressed)
  • Dinan, Lorraine – L. Dinan Wallan (incised), Wallan Pottery L. Dinan (incised)
  • Drew, Stephen – N [1981] for Nintingbool Potteries; also Drew (incised), sometimes with Handmade Australia (impressed)
  • Dridan, Connie – in 1988 but no mark recorded
  • Drummond, Ian – Drummond (painted in oxide)
  • Dunn, Phyl – Phyl Dunn or PD (P.D.) (painted) [Ford]
  • Duthie, Jon – JBD (incised) with Australiana Ceramics by John Duthie (printed label)
  • Dutkiewicz, Ursula – Ursula Dutkiewicz (incised)
  • Dutoit, Cheryl and Malcolm Cooke – Cooke Dutoit Clunes (impressed), Cooke & Dutoit Badgers Creek Pottery (impressed)
  • Dwyer, Dennis – Dwyer (painted)
  • Eagle, John –  J Eagle (painted) – looks like four strokes [1996]
  • Eagle, Rosemary – Rosemary Eagle (painted)
  • Earl, Helen – HE [JAC 50/3]
  • Earth & Fire Pottery – Bendigo Australia / Earth & Fire Pottery / Hand Thrown Stoneware [1986 under Heggie, Bruce]; also Earth & Fire Pottery (impressed)
  • Earth and Fire Pottery – ef in circle with three flames on top (impressed) [1981 and 1986 under White, Heather and Graham]
  • Earthly Collections – Earthly Collections (impressed in a map of Australia)
  • Ebsworth, Andrea – AE in square [1985], AEG for Andrea Ebsworth Ghatfy [1996]
  • Echuca Wharf Pottery – Echuca Wharf Pottery (impressed)
  • Edinburgh Pottery – Edinburgh Pottery Ballarat (impressed)
  • Edwards, David – David (incised), David Edwards (incised), Black Dog Creek Pottery (impressed – in several versions), Black Dog Creek Pottery Chiltern Valley (impressed), BD (impressed)
  • Edwards, David and Robert A. Schulze – Stonehedge Glenrowan or Stonehenge Pottery Glenrowan (impressed) [Ford]’ ; also Stonehedge Pottery Glenrowan (printed)
  • Eldorado Pottery – Eldorado Pottery (impressed)
  • Elischer, John – Elischer (painted), Elischer (embossed), Elischer Creations (paper label), Elischer Australia (impressed or embossed), Elischer in a map of Australia (printed)
  • Elke Australia – Elke Aust (incised), Handpainted Elke Australia (printed)
  • Elliott, Mary – Mary Elliott (incised), M Elliott Australia (incised)
  • Elliott, Steven – Steven Elliott Redbyrne Potteries Shepparton (impressed)
  • Ellis Ceramics – MD (incised), MDK (incised), Ellis (incised or embossed),  Ellis EX (incised), Ellis Australia (incised), Studio Ellis (incised), Krato (incised), Meena (incised)
  • Elson, Phil – two small overlapping impressed circles
  • England, Glenn – Glenn (cursive) [1996]
  • Ettamogah Pottery – Ettamogah (impressed)
  • Ezard, Doris Evelyn – Dee (incised), Dee Rosemont (incised)
  • G.M. Ceramics – Gillon McEwan (printed), GMC Ceramics (printed and paper label)
  • Gamble, Ian – Gamble (painted); also Gambles Pottery (ceramic crayon)
  • Garlick, Jennifer – Garlick (incised), sometimes with The Bellbrae Pottery (incised)
  • Geelong Pottery – Geelong Pottery Pty. Ltd. Millstone (impressed), Geelong Pottery Millstone Ware (printed)
  • Gellibrand Pottery – Gellibrand Australia (impressed)
  • Gembrook Pottery – Gembrook Pottery (impressed), Gembrook Pottery Wirilda (impressed), Wirilda (painted)
  • Geroe, Ann – AG (painted) [1982, Skepsi]
  • Geschke, David – DG  or DGeschke (incised in cursive script)
  • Gibson, Andrew – Gibson (painted)
  • Gilbert, John – Gilbert (incised) [Ford]
  • Giles, Jill – J Giles (painted), Giles Geelong Australia (impressed). G over J (impressed)
  • Gleeson, John – John Gleeson (painted or incised), Winchcomb Gleeson (impressed), JG (impressed)
  • Gleeson, Sally – in 1988 but no mark recorded
  • Gold Art Pottery – Gold Art Pottery (incised)
  • Gooseneck Pottery – GNP (impressed)
  • Gordon, Robert – Robert Gordon (painted)
  • Gormanns, Ingeborg – IG (impressed) – looks like interlocking CC.
  • Gottschling, Bill – WG (impressed)
  • Goulburn Valley Potteries – Goulburn Valley Potteries Aust (impressed)
  • Grashir  Pottery – Grashir Pottery (impressed), Grashir Kyabram (impressed with a map of Australia)
  • Greenaway, Norman – N Greenaway (incised or painted), NG (impressed)
  • Greenaway, Victor – G (impressed) in various combinations with goblets or the Mungeribar Pottery seal, VG (impressed) after 1992, some works signed in gold, silver or oxide – [1977, 1981, 1986, 1990, Ford, Greenaway]; also Made in Upper Beaconsfield (impressed with the goblet mark)
  • Greig, Danyon – Danyon (incised)
  • Gunda – Gunda (incised) – often with an incised model number
  • Guy Boyd Pottery – Guy Boyd (incised)
  • Gyngell Taylor, Diana – Diana Gyngell Taylor (incised), Diana Gyngell Taylor Australia (incised), dt (impressed)
  • Hackenberger, Henry – H (painted), H (incised), HH (impressed)
  • Halpern, Artur – Halpern (painted) [Ford]; also AH (A.H.) (painted) and AH (painted) with the letters sharing a stem
  • Halpern, Artur and Sylvia – Sylha (impressed) or Sylha Melb (impressed) [Ford]; also Sylha (painted or incised), Sylha Melbourne (impressed)
  • Halpern, Deborah – Deborah D. Halpern (painted), D.D. Halpern (painted), D.D.H. (painted)
  • Halpern, Stanislaw – SHalpern (painted) with the S over the H [Ford]
  • Halpern, Sylvia – Sylvia Halpern (painted or incised) [Ford]; also Sylvia H (painted)
  • Hamilton, Greg – GH (impressed) [1990]; also Next Wave Ceramics (impressed), Greg Hamilton (painted)
  • Hanby, Trevor – Trevor Hanby (painted), Hanby (painted), TH in circle (impressed)
  • Hanna, Su – Two chicken feet (incised) [JAC 49/1]
  • Hanney, Pam – Pam Hanney (incised)
  • Hansa-Stanyer, Ellen – Ellen Stanyer (painted), ES (painted)
  • Hanstan – Hanstan (incised), Hanstan Studio (incised), Hanstan Australia (printed)
  • Harris, Robert (Bob) – R. Harris (painted in oxide)
  • Hartman, Robyn – R. Hartman with RH in square underprinted MELB AUST.[1996]
  • Harvey, Georgia – GH in circle (cursive) [JAC 53/3]; also GOH (incised)
  • Hayes, Barry – B Hayes (incised) [1996]; also BH (incised), BH (impressed)
  • Hazelman, Glenys & Robert Vandergragt – G&R (painted) – before April 1981
  • Healey, Gary – GH (cursive) [JAC 50/2]
  • Heggie, Bruce – H [1981], Bendigo Australia / Earth & Fire Pottery / Hand thrown stoneware [1986]; also Earth & Fire Pottery (impressed), Bruce Heggie Pottery / Handthrown Bendigo Australia (printed), Bruce Heggie Pottery Australia (impressed)
  • Heggie, Lynne & Mark – Lynne & Mark Heggie Red Hill Victoria (painted)
  • Heggie, Mark – Heggie (incised or impressed), Mark Heggie (incised or impressed), Heggie’s Pottery Mornington (impressed)
  • Heiderich, Nicholas – Nick Heiderich (incised)
  • Heiderich, Ruth – Mark not recorded yet
  • Henderson, Robert – Robert Henderson Redbyrne Potteries Shepparton (impressed)
  • Herbst, Peter – Herbst (incised)
  • Hick, Mary and William – MH and WH with the M or W inside the H (impressed) [1977], also William Hick (incised) and M & WH with the M and W joined inside the H (impressed) for work produced together [Ford]; also Mary Hick (incised)
  • Hicks, Andrea – A.E. Hicks Cuppacumbalong Pottery (impressed)
  • Hillman, Susan – Sue with butterfly [1996]
  • Hogarth, Mary-Lou – MLH [1996, JAC 50/3]
  • Holloway, Margaret – mh (incised), mh (impressed), mh in map of Australia (impressed)
  • Holton, Brian – paper label but otherwise unmarked
  • Hopkins, Colin – Colin Hopkins (cursive) [JAC 53/3]
  • Hornbuckle, Margaret – Margaret Hornbuckle [1996]
  • Hothouse Pottery – Hothouse Pottery Australia (impressed)
  • Hovenden, Ken – KH (impressed), Ken Hovenden (impressed) with Badger Creek Hand Crafted (impressed)
  • Howes, Fiona – Fiona Howes (incised)
  • Howlett, Victoria – Victoria Howlett (painted or incised), TOR (impressed)
  • Hubbard, Jon & Alda – Gellibrand Australia (impressed)
  • Hughan, Harold Randolf – H with GI inside for Glen Iris [1977, 1981]; also Hughan (painted) [Ford]
  • Hughan, Robert R. – in 1964 but no mark recorded
  • Huhn, Marianne – mh. [JAC 50/3]
  • Hylands, Andrea – in 1990 but no mark recorded
  • Inoue, Shunichi – S. Inoue with Japanese character [1977]
  • Irvine, Greg – Irvine (painted), GI in square
  • Irvine, Thelma – Thelma Irvine or T. Irvine (painted or incised); also possibly Irvine Single Ware (impressed)
  • Kalinka Pottery – Kalinka Pottery Victoria (impressed), six-ribbed lidded jar (impressed)
  • Kanellopoulou, Irianna – ik [JAC 49/3]
  • Karstens, Gerard – Karstens (painted), GK (impressed), Woady Yallock Pottery mark (impressed)
  • Kaylee Pottery – Kaylee Pottery (impressed)
  • Kazar, Senia – small map of Australia (impressed), Senia Kazar Australia (printed or impressed), Design by Senia Kazar (painted)
  • Kelly, Veronica – VK (incised)
  • Kemp, Brian – K with dot in square [1981]; also seen in impressed circle
  • Kent, Lynda – LK (incised)
  • Kerr-Grant, Janetta – JKG (painted), KG in circle (impressed) [JAC 50/2]
  • Keyte, Brian – Keyte (painted)
  • Kez and M. Jay Design – Kez & M. Jay Design Made in Australia’ (printed) with K & M J 96 (painted)
  • Kilkenny, Marlene – M. Kilkenny (incised)
  • King, Tessy M. – TMK (painted) [JAC 54/1]
  • Kirby’s Flat Pottery – Kirby’s Flat Pottery Yackandandah (impressed)
  • Knight, Coralie – Coralie Knight (incised)
  • Knighton, Robert – RK (painted) with SP (impressed) for Scatterbrook Pottery [1996]; also RK (impressed) with the R reversed
  • Knuckey, Peter – PK (impressed) 1964-1969, MPK (impressed) for Mishido Pottery 1969- , PK (cursive) 1977- ; also Peter Knuckey (incised)
  • Langley, Robert – Robert Langley (incised) [Ford]; also Langley (incised)
  • Lawson, Phil – Lawson (incised)
  • Laycock, Helen – Helen (painted or incised) [Ford]; also Helen Laycock (incised)
  • Laycock, Peter – Peter Laycock (incised) [Ford, 1996], PL (impressed) from 1962 [Ford]; also Laycock (incised) and Peter Laycock Dunk Island (incised)
  • Leach, Maureen – M. Leach (painted)
  • Lenton, Robert – Robert Lenton (impressed), R. Lenton (incised)
  • Leonard’s Bridge Pottery – Leonard’s Bridge Pottery Ballarat (impressed), Leonard’s Bridge Pottery Ballarat Australia (impressed); also Leonard’s Bridge Pottery (impressed) for work made at Blackburn
  • Lepp, Mark – Mark Lepp Redbyrne Potteries Shepparton (impressed)
  • Letts, Allan – AL Cannie Ridge Harcourt (impressed) [1981]; also Bendigo Pottery AL Epsom (impressed), Hand thrown by Allan Letts (impressed), A. Letts Cannie Ridge Harcourt (impressed), Harcourt Vic. Cannie Ridge Pottery Made in Australia (impressed)
  • Lewis, Jan – Jan Lewis (impressed), Jan Lewis Aust (impressed), Table Top Jan Lewis Hand crafted in Australia (impressed), Table Top Jan Lewis Limited edition made in Australia (printed underglaze stamp), Bessemer by Jan Lewis Australia (printed underglaze stamp)
  • Lillydale Pottery – Lillydale Pottery, Hand Crafted, Aust. (impressed) with individual potter’s initals
  • Liney, Greg and Robyn – Creation Pottery Mia Mia Woodfired (impressed) with Greg Liney or Robyn Liney (incised)
  • Longley, Bill – Bill Longley Australia (impressed)
  • Lorraine, Judy – JL in square (impressed) [1977, 1981, 1982, 1985]; also JL (painted) and Judy Lorraine with address and outline of kangaroo over map of Australia (paper label)
  • Lovegrove, Anna Corinne – A.C.L. (ACL) (painted), A.C. Lovegrove (painted)
  • Low, Liz – L [JAC 50/3]; also Low (incised), both with a looped L
  • Lowe, Allan – Allan Lowe around pyramid (incised), Allan Lowe “Blue Vista” Australia (incised with pyramid), Allan Lowe (incised) [Ford]
  • Lowe, Jon – Jon Lowe (incised)
  • Lowe, Marian – Marian Lowe (incised)
  • Lowe, Peg – Peg Lowe (incised) [Ford]
  • Lowe, Peter – Lowe (incised) [in Ford under Allan Lowe but incorrectly ascribed]
  • Lusis, Gundars – Gunda (incised) – often with an incised model number
  • Lyons, David – DC Lyons (incised), DC Lyons Australia (incised), D.L. inside Bendigo Pottery (impressed), Hand Crafted Harcourt Pottery DC Lyons © Artist Copyright (impressed)
  • MacLeman, Les – LM (impressed or incised), Les MacLeman (impressed) with Australian Landscape Pottery (impressed)
  • MacQuarrie, Christina – C. MacQuarrie (incised)
  • Mair, Jan – Jan Mair (painted) [1996]
  • Mair, Robert – RM (impressed), Tricuspid symbol (impressed), RM (impressed) with the Tricuspid symbol (impressed)
  • Maldon Pottery – Maldon Pottery (impressed)
  • Manning, Sony – hybrid horse-wolf animal (decorative motif)
  • Martin Boyd Pottery – Martin Boyd (incised)
  • Martin, Kim – K in square, Kim [1977, 1981], Kim [1996]
  • Martin-Harrell, Kim: see Martin, Kim
  • Mason, Mark – Mason (incised)
  • Massée, Frits Jan – FJM (impressed) – in a circle and in an oblong
  • Massée, Kathleen – no mark recorded yet
  • Masters, Graham – Graham Masters Sweenies Creek Pottery with map of Australia (impressed), Graham Masters Sweenies Creek Pottery Strathfieldsaye Bgo, Vic. (impressed); another similar with Made in Australia Impressed), this one also with Handmade by Graham Masters Australia (impressed); Sweenies Creek handmade Australian pottery Graham Masters (printed), Handmade by Graham Masters Australia 2000 (impressed)
  • Maywald, Virginia – Virginia Maywald (painted), Made in Australia by the Big Duck and Fish Co (paper label)
  • McConnell, Chris – Chris McConnell (painted), Chris McConnell Australia (painted)
  • McCormick, Maggie – MM [1982]
  • McCrae, Pam – Pam A. McCrae, Vic (incised)
  • McCrum, Judi – Judi McCrum Australia (signed in ceramic crayon)
  • McDonald, Shane – Shane McDonald (painted in oxide)
  • McDowell, Lynne – LMCD (impressed), L McDowell (incised)
  • McEvoy, Marga – Marga McEvoy (painted)
  • McGaw, Kay – Kay McGaw (incised)
  • McGillivray, Lis – Hand Made byLis McGillivray (impressed) with Clay Birds Pottery Caulfield (impressed); also Lis McGillivray (incised)
  • McKernan, Scott – Scott McKernan (paper label)
  • McLaren, Betty – Betty McLaren (painted or incised) [Ford]; also B. McLaren (painted or incised)
  • McLaren, Gus – Gus McLaren (painted) [Ford]; also Gus McLaren (incised)
  • McLaren, Gus and Les Tanner – Designed by Tanner (incised) on political face mugs
  • McLaren Pottery – McL (painted or incised), McLaren (painted or incised)
  • McMillan, Adrian – Leonard’s Bridge Pottery Adrian McMillan (impressed), A McMillan (painted)
  • McNabb, Jenny – JMc (incised), Jenny McNabb (incised)
  • Mentz, Marie – M. Mentz (incised)
  • Metcalf, Thomas – T.M. (TM) on Epsom ware from 1968-73; in 1977 under Maldon Pottery but no personal mark recorded
  • Minko, Peter – Peter Minko Bendigo Australia (painted)
  • Mishido Pottery – MPK (impressed) for Mishido Peter Knuckey 1969-
  • Mondrook Pottery – Mondrook Pottery (impressed)
  • Monkeys of Melbourne – Monkey (painted or incised), © Monkeys Handpainted Melbourne (painted or incised), © Monkeys Handpainted Melb (painted or incised)
  • Moonshine Pottery – Moonshine Pottery Malmsbury (impressed)
  • Morecroft, Trixy – Trixy [1985, 1986]
  • Moroney, Marg – Hand Made by Marg Moroney (impressed) with Clay Birds Pottery Caulfield (impressed); also Marg Moroney (painted)
  • Morrow, Bruce – BM (impressed), Bruce Morrow (incised)
  • Mt Ben Pottery – Mt Ben Pottery Yackandandah (impressed or painted in oxide)
  • Mud Factory Pottery – Molony (incised)
  • Mudlark Pottery – Mudlark Pottery / Poowong Australia (impressed) [1996 under Trevor Clark]
  • Mungeribar Pottery – M (impressed) [Ford under Ian Sprague]
  • Murphy, Fiona – Fiona Murphy (incised)
  • Myers, Chris – CM in square with triangular motif for Kaligda Pottery [1981], CM in square with crab in circle for Beachside Pottery [1996]
  • Nagambie Pottery – Nagambie Pottery handmade (impressed), Nagambie pottery Werner Baumann (impressed)
  • National Ceramic Products – NCP (impressed), National Ceramic Products (printed), National Ceramic Australia (impressed)
  • Next Wave Ceramics – Next Wave Ceramics (impressed) with GH (impressed) for Greg Hamilton
  • Nykel, Vagn – Nykel or V Nykel (incised)
  • O’Hoy, Dennis – Dennis O’Hoy (painted or incised), DO (impressed in a bowl shape), DOH inside Bendigo Pottery Epsom (impressed)
  • O’Leary, Stephen – Stephen O’Leary around a map of Australia (printed)
  • O’Neill, Janifer (Jan) – Jan O’Neil (incised)
  • Oakley, Rick – Oakley (incised)
  • Oddie, Cathy – Cathy Oddie (painted), Cathy Oddie Australia (painted)
  • Old Ballarat Pottery – OB with mine head (impressed), O.B.P. (OBP) (impressed), Old Ballarat Pottery Made in Australia with mine head (stamped), B (impressed), B with anchor (Stamped), Stoneware Old Ballarat Pottery (stamped)
  • One Tree Hill Pottery – One Tree Hill Pottery Beechworth (impressed), six-petal flower (impressed), One Tree Hill Pottery (impressed), One Tree Hill Pottery Beechworth RjP (impressed), OTH (incised)
  • Ortiz, Danny – Grovedale Pottery Australia Danny Ortiz (printed)
  • Packtrack Pottery – Gordon or Robert Gordon (painted in oxide); also an early incised version of Robert Gordon
  • Pancoast, Mary – Pancoast (painted)
  • Pancoast, Mary and Peter Petruccelli  – Petruccellis Ceramics UBeaconsfield (impressed) [1981]; also Stoney Creek Pottery (impressed)
  • Pate, Klytie – Klytie Sclater (incised) 1935-1937, Klytie Pate (incised) 1937- [Ford]
  • Pearce, Ray – Pearce (impressed) [1985]; also with COW (impressed) for Blind Cow Pottery
  • Pedro’s Pottery – Windmill (impressed) with Pedro (impressed) or just Pedro (impressed)
  • Pepper, Chris – CP in circle with PP in circle for Peppers Pottery [1981]; also C Pepper (painted)
  • Perceval, John – Perceval (painted or incised) [Ford]; also P (painted)
  • Petersen, Ruth – R Petersen (painted)
  • Petruccelli, Peter – P inside house in circle [1981]; Petruccelli (painted) [Skepsi]; also earlier marks P (painted) and Peter (painted)
  • Petruccelli, Peter and Mary Pancoast – Petruccellis Ceramics UBeaconsfield (impressed) [1981]; also Stoney Creek Pottery (impressed)
  • Phelan, Robyn – RP (incised) [JAC50/3]
  • Phillips, Howard – Eldorado Pottery (impressed), H. Phillips (incised)
  • Pierce, Judy and Ric – One Tree Hill Pottery Beechworth (impressed), six-petal flower (impressed), One Tree Hill Pottery (impressed), One Tree Hill Pottery Beechworth RjP (impressed), OTH (incised)
  • Pill, Stephen and Silvana  – Clay Impressions Australia (printed)
  • Pilven, Janine – Janine Pilven [1996]
  • Pilven, Peter – Peter Pilven [1996]; also P. Pilven (painted), Pilven (painted), P.P. (impressed)
  • Pilven, Ruby – RP – the R reversed
  • Pine Ridge Pottery – pinetree in circle (impressed) with K or R (impressed) for Kathleen or Russell Whiteoak
  • Pittard, Chris – Chris Pittard (painted)
  • Pittard, Mary Lou – M Lou, M Lou Pittard or Mary Lou Pittard (painted or incised)
  • Plumridge, Christopher – CP (impressed) with Claystone (impressed) and map of Australia
  • Pomeranz, Ric – FP (impressed) for Frederic Pomeranz, kanji character in circle (impressed), cat with barber’s pole (impressed) for The Barber’s Cat Pottery, Pomeranz Studio Pottery Sherbrooke (impressed)
  • Possum Gully Pottery – Possum Gully Pottery Healesville Australia (impressed)
  • Potter, David – D. Potter (cursive) [1981]
  • Potters Arms Studio -Potters Arms with Z motif [1986 under Garry Bish]
  • Potts, Hedley – Hedley Potts (incised)
  • Poulton, Donna – D (impressed) – in a medieval font
  • Preston, Reginald (Reg) – Preston (incised or painted), RP (incised or painted), .P. (painted) [Ford]; also Ceres (painted) and Regus (painted), with Gus McLaren
  • Pribaz, Marina – mp (painted)
  • Pudney, J. – J. Pudney (incised)
  • Pullum, Elaine – Turnpike Pottery Victoria Australia (impressed) with ESP (impressed) for Elaine Sangster Pullum
  • Punton, Kerry – K. Punton with head of chook in circle [1996]
  • Raneri, Giuseppe – Raneri (painted)
  • Ratcliffe, Barbara – br (incised in circle) with Stonehouse Warrandyte (impressed)
  • Ray Cook Pottery – Ray Cook (incised)
  • Red Gully Pottery – Red Gully Pottery Ballarat (printed with jug in centre)
  • Redbyrne Potteries – Redbyrne Potteries Shepparton (impressed), similar marks with individual potters’ names; also Redbyrne Potteries Shepparton Victoria RP Est 1975 (printed)
  • Regus – Regus (painted) for Reg Preston and Gus McLaren
  • Reid, Mark – Mark Reid (incised), MR (incised)
  • Ricci, Vincenzo – Vincenzo Ricci (painted or incised)
  • Rice, Lynne – LR with map of Australia (impressed), Lynne Rice (incised)
  • Richter, Doreen Barbara – DR Hand Made (incised), DBR Hand Made (incised)
  • Robert Gordon – Gordon or Robert Gordon (painted in oxide in various forms) on Packtrack Pottery; also an early incised version of Robert Gordon; Robert Gordon Pottery Australia (printed), Robert Gordon Australian Made (printed), Robert Gordon Australia (printed); also with the name of the line; also with Made in China
  • Roberts, Judith – JR (impressed)
  • Rofe, Richard John – rr – one inverted below the other [1981, 1985, 1986]
  • Rojo, John – Rojo (painted), JR (impressed)
  • Romalis, Barbara – five-pointed star in circle in house[1981]
  • Rosetzky, Marion – in 1988 and 1990 but no mark recorded
  • Rosewood Pottery – AS (incised) with Rosewood Pottery VIC Australia (impressed)
  • Rowe, Ian – Rowe (painted), RH (painted) for Rowe’s Hill Pottery, IR (painted)
  • Russi, Angie – Angie Russi (painted)
  • Rye, Owen – OSR (painted) , Japanese character (impressed), Rye (impressed) [JAC 49#1]
  • Wallan Pottery – L. Dinan Wallan (incised), Wallan Pottery L. Dinan (incised)
  • Warren, Peggy – Peggie Warren (painted) [Ford]; also Glathe [Ford] and possibly Warren Glathe
  • Warrnambool Pottery – Warrnambool (impressed) for Ken Sadler [Ford]
  • Wartook Pottery – Wartook Pottery (impressed)
  • Wassing, Walter – Walter Wassing (incised), WW (impressed)
  • Waterson, Robert – Robert Waterson Redbyrne Potteries (impressed), Waterson (painted)
  • Watson, Lois – LW. (painted)
  • Weiner, Miriam – in 1981 but no mark recorded
  • Welch, Robin – Robin Welch (painted) [Ford]; also Robin Welch (impressed), Robin Welch Pottery (impressed)
  • Wheeler, Paul – P. Wheeler (impressed) with Australian Handcrafted Pottery (impressed)
  • White, Jan – Jan T. White (painted or incised)
  • White, Kevin – KW (painted) [Skepsi]
  • Whitehand, Dawn – Dawn W (incised) [JAC 49/2]
  • Whitehead, Jan – Jan Whitehead (incised)
  • Whiteoak, Graham – no mark yet recorded
  • Whiteoak, Kathleen – K with pinetree in circle (impressed)
  • Whiteoak, Russell – Russell Whiteoak Pine Ridge Pottery Arthurs Seat, VIC. (incised), R with pinetree in circle (impressed)
  • Whyte, Alistair –  Alistair Whyte (impressed or painted), A. White (painted), AW (painted)
  • Widdows, Juliet – dragonfly (impressed), JCW (incised)
  • Wilkie, Graeme – GW (incised) [JAC 49/1]
  • Williams, David – DP Williams (painted) [1996]; also David Williams or David WIlliams Handcrafted in Australia (both impressed)
  • Willis, Craig – Craig Willis Redbyrne Potteries Shepparton (impressed)
  • Willmott, Lyn – L Willmott (incised)
  • Wilson, Lew – LW (with each character impressed in separate circles), a version of the LW mark with an extra empty circle forming a triangle, Lew Wilson (impressed) with an impressed kangaroo
  • Wilson, Michael – Wilson (painted), MW (impressed) with flourished characters, MW (impressed) with map of Australia, MW (impressed) with map of Australia and bottlebrush
  • Wilson, Neville – Maldon Pottery (impressed)
  • Wilton, Charles – Charles Wilton (incised) [Ford]; also C Wilton (incised)
  • Winchcomb, Glad – Winchcomb Gleeson (impressed)
  • Winter, A – A. Winter (incised)
  • Winter, Kirk – Animal figures from the chinese Zodiac for each year from 1998- , plus two squiggly lines with two dots, an eight-petal flower, a leftward-facing horse, K.W. (KW) and K.Winter for 1992-1994 [JAC 49/1]
  • Wolfe, Lawrence – W in circle (impressed)
  • Woodstock Pottery – WP (impressed) [1981 under Leonard Bell]
  • Woodvale Pottery – Woodvale Pottery (impressed)
  • Wordsworth, Don – W sideways in D with METUNG VICTORIA in an oval (both impressed) [Skepsi]
  • Wright, Christine – Christine Wright (incised)

ACT & NT | NSW | QLD | SA | TAS | VIC | WA


12 thoughts on “VIC

  1. A fantastic achievement.
    I collect OZ pottery and will send info
    – marks pics etc
    your work is much admired


    Posted by Vic Langsam | May 22, 2013, 8:16 pm
  2. Thanks Vic, I look forward to your help!


    Posted by Judith | June 1, 2013, 6:36 pm
    • I have found a very interesting octagonal
      Jar. It has a label Made in New Zealand.
      Unfortunately it is not marked.
      I would like to send you an image
      but need your email to cut and paste.
      As I consider this jar quite special would
      like to seek any information about the


      Posted by Vic Langsam | July 13, 2013, 7:48 pm
      • The best way to share images with the Australian Potters’ Marks project is to join the Identifying Australian Pottery group on Flickr and upload photos there. I’ll send you my email address as well, but I don’t have any expertise in NZ pottery and doubt I could help with this jar.


        Posted by Judith | July 13, 2013, 8:06 pm
  3. Hi, I’ve got a stoneware casserole pot with the Edinburgh pottery stamp on it, I was wondering if it is safe to use for cooking with, or whether it may have some toxic substances in the glaze? The colour is like dark sand on the bottom, then brown on top and lid.
    I picked it up as a giveaway when getting a gumtree sofa!

    Any help would be great.


    Russell Cook


    Posted by Russell Cook | October 29, 2015, 8:08 pm
  4. Does anyone know about Victorian pottery that pre-dates the 60s?


    Posted by Lidima | October 26, 2016, 12:46 pm
  5. I wondered why Ron & Candy Crane are not included in this record? They made beautiful functional pieces for many years during the 1960’s & 70’s where they lived on The Boulevarde in Warrandyte where they had built a mudbrick house/studio. It was their livelihood and supported a family of five. I grew up with their pieces on our dining table and continue to use a few surviving pieces 45 years after my mother bought them.


    Posted by Helen Moppert | January 19, 2017, 7:57 pm
  6. Found a Powell and Bristol small jug and I googled it but couldn’t find a value. It’s in Vic. Would love to find out about it as I found it in Epsom. Please email me.


    Posted by Sally Doyle | August 19, 2017, 1:58 am

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