Chongwe, Njalikwa

Selected images WA

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  • 12 Mile Pottery – 12 Mile Pottery Broome (impressed)
  • Acton, Natalie – Natalie Acton (incised)
  • Archibald, Jillian – Jill (incised)
  • Armstrong, Barry – BA inside fourteen-rayed circle (impressed) [1977]
  • Arrowsmith, Edward – EA [1990]
  • Atkinson, Verna – VA (impressed or incised)
  • Austware Pottery – Handmade Austware (impressed) with the initials of the pieceworker and the year,  Austware Hand Made (impressed) around an abstracted map of Australia, Austware (printed) around an abstracted map of Australia, either empty or with a grass tree or the year inside
  • Calder, Mike – no mark recorded yet
  • Campbell, Joan –  Joan Ruth Campbell or JRC (painted)
  • Carlin, Lynne – LC (incised) with an impressed love heart
  • Carr, Graham – LG or similar (impressed)
  • Cedar Shed Pottery – Cedar Shed Elizabeth Lyon (incised)
  • Chapman, Pam – PLC in circle (impressed)
  • Charrett, Amy Ruth – Amy WA (incised) with impressed half flower
  • Charrett, Glen & Graeme – G (incised) with impressed half flower or painted gumnut
  • Cheney, Anton – Anton Cheney (impressed), Anton (incised)
  • Cheney, Danny – DC (painted)
  • Chongwe, Njalikwa – sideways Z (impressed) for Zinongo Studio; Njalikwa Chongwe (incised); Swirl logo on cabalash bowls (impressed)
  • Cinanni, Gina – no mark recorded yet
  • Coggin, Pauline – PC (incised)
  • Constantine, Geoff – GC with MRP (impressed) for Margaret River Pottery
  • Cool, Rebecca and Ross Miller – R (painted) or unmarked
  • Cosi, Gigi and Cate – no mark recorded yet
  • Counsel, Paul – no mark recorded yet
  • Cowan, Bobbi – Bobbi Cowan (impressed)
  • Cowaramup Pottery – cP with two dots (impressed)
  • Cox, Sharon – Sharon Cox Western Australia (painted)
  • Crawford, Ian – Ian Crawford Albany W.A. (painted), IC (impressed)
  • Craythorn, Sid – Sid the Potter Two Rocks W.A. Australia (impressed), Two Rocks Pottery Yanchep Sun City (impressed), STP (incised) for Sid the Potter
  • Crizzle, Zoy – in 1996 but no mark recorded
  • Crowe, Greg – GC (impressed) [1986, 1990]; also Greg (incised), G (incised), GJC (incised), Hovea Pottery (impressed)
  • Crute, Carol – C. Crute (painted, CC (impressed)
  • Culley, LeRoy – LeRoy (impressed) with Paydirt Pottery York W.A. (impressed)
  • Culling, Stephanie – Stephanie Culling (incised)
  • Cunningham, Carol – in 1988 but no mark recorded
  • Irishtown Pottery – Irishtown Pottery Donnybrook WA (incised), also CD or CP (incised)
  • Lanyon, Jane – JW (painted) for Jane Watkins, Jane Lanyon (painted), Jane (incised)
  • Leech, Joseph Edwin – J.E. Leech (painted), Limited Edition Australasia 2000 Ho. Made in Australia Edwin Leech (impressed)
  • Lees, Robyn – no mark recorded yet
  • Letham, Teddy – in 1973 but no mark recorded
  • Levin, Elizabeth – EL (incised)
  • Levingston, Audrey – XX ending in a curl[1990]
  • Lewis, Murray – Murray Lewis (impressed), ML with logo  (impressed), Peel Pottery (impressed)
  • Lindsey, Maxine – Lindsey [1981]
  • Livesey, Mel – Livesey (incised), M (impressed in square)
  • Love, Michiko – m (incised) with two Japanese characters (incised)
  • Lyon, Elizabeth – Cedar Shed Elizabeth Lyon (incised), Liz (impressed)
  • Reid, Joanne – R in circle (impressed) with a dot underneath
  • Robins, Jean – R in a square with Robins [1977]
  • Robinson, Lyn – Lyn with squared-off starburst [1996]
  • Rouw, Rika – Rika (painted)
  • Rutherford, Keith – no mark recorded yet
  • Ryan, Greg – Greg Ryan (incised)
  • Zeck, Garry – Garry Zeck (painted), Zeck (painted), GZ (painted), Z (impressed), Z (incised in enamel), bunch of grapes (impressed)
  • Zeck, Jan – Jan Zeck (painted), JZ (painted), Swan Valley Studio (printed stamp)
  • Zettergren, Ulla – Ulla (impressed), Kurrajong Pottery Bassendean WA (impressed), Ulla (in texta on sculptures)

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