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Guildford Village Potters

Guildford Village Potters was established in 1978 by Jenny Miller Nixon and twenty-one of her former students from the Midland Technical School. Early in the Australian Potters’ Marks Project, Peter (sevenshadesofblue) set up an album with images of works and marks used by members of the group.  We added names to the alphabetic and state … Continue reading

New symbols set

A new symbols set on Flickr should make it easier to find a match if you have a mark consisting only of a symbol to identify. I maintain a separate image pool at Australian Potters’ Marks on Flickr with images of all the known marks we have identified so far. These are arranged into alphabetical … Continue reading

Filtering marks by state

I’ve spent today working on a new menu option to filter marks by state. And on Flickr, I’ve set up a Potters’ Marks by State collection. (This is easily done by adding a State tag to each image.) You’ll notice that there are duplicate images in these sets. This is so you can find Daniel … Continue reading

Image pool

Images of Australian potters' marks on Flickr