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Three years on

The Australian Potters Marks project is  three years old this month and we have made significant progress over the last year. in particular, we have broken the 1500 barrier! As of today, there are 1522 entries in the alphabetic list and 1169 (more than 75%) of these are linked to topics in the Identifying Australian Pottery group … Continue reading

Two years on

The Australian Potters Marks project is now two years old. As of today, there are 1276 entries in the alphabetic list and and 800 of these are linked to topics in the Identifying Australian Pottery group on Flickr. This means that over the last year we have added 184 new entries and created 266 new topics. Almost … Continue reading

Sturt Pottery heads

Ivan McMeekin 1953-1959 Les Blakebrough 1959-1972 Tony Burgess 1973-1974 John Edye 1974-1978 Paul Wynn 1979-1982 Ian McKay 1982-1986 Don Court 1986-1988 Campbell Hegan 1988-1998 Libby Pickard 1988-2001 Paul Davis 2001-2009 As a mini-project this month, I decided to make sure that all the Sturt Pottery heads had entries in Australian Potters’ Marks. I learnt some … Continue reading

Professional names

Surprisingly few women in Australian Potters’ Marks have changed their names over their years of professional practice. Those who have already made a name for themselves as single women tend to work under the same name when they acquire partners. Many women also become established later in life, after they have married and started a … Continue reading

Adding Malcolm Cooke

This week I finally added a topic on Malcolm Cooke to Australian Potters Marks. He has used quite a few marks over the years so I knew it would be a big task. Luckily, I had a pre-prepared biography to use from my online catalogue. I checked what marks had already been added by members … Continue reading

One year on…

It is a year now since the Australian Potters Marks project was launched so I thought it was timely to review progress. As of today, there are 1092 entries in the alphabetic list, of which 534 – nearly half – are linked to  topics in the Identifying Australian Pottery group on Flickr.  Australian Potters’ Marks is receiving over 1,000 visitors … Continue reading

Cronulla Pottery

The sheer number of large commercial potteries producing hand-made ranges for the retail market in the 1970s and 1980s continues to astonish as we find out more about them, mainly from the people who set them up or worked there. The financial recession of the late 1980s led to a significant downturn in the market … Continue reading

Delicious strikes again!

Back in August I wrote about how I was living on the edge using services such as WordPress, Flickr and Delicious to deliver Australian Potters Marks. This week a new release of Delicious broke all my ‘More Information’ links yet again. The programmers say they didn’t mean to do it and are working hard to fix … Continue reading

Back on the case

I’ve just spent the last few days making sure that Australian Potters’ Marks is up-to-date after a busy few months spent on gallery affairs. Meantime forum members have been going ahead without me and there were quite a few new topics to be linked to the list and images to be added to the image … Continue reading

Living on the edge

Australian Potters’ Marks depends on three free web-based services for storage and access to data: WordPress for the list itself, Flickr for images and topics, and Delicious for links to more information. For an independent researcher, there are many advantages to this kind of infrastructure. A third-party takes care of the functionality, data integrity and … Continue reading

Image pool

Images of Australian potters' marks on Flickr