Nichols, Gail from image pool on Flickr

Selected images NO

  • Nagambie Pottery – Nagambie Pottery handmade (impressed), Nagambie pottery Werner Baumann (impressed)
  • Nankervis, Tony – mark not yet recorded
  • Nankivell, Helen – N in circle [1981, 1986]
  • Nastov, Judy – JN (incised or impressed)
  • National Ceramic Products – NCP (impressed), National Ceramic Products (printed), National Ceramic Australia (impressed)
  • Nealie, Chester – C with long tail and three triangular shapes, one above and two below the tail (incised)
  • Nelson, Greg – gn in square [1977, 1981]
  • Neuhofer, Leo – Neuhofer (incised) Leo Neuhofer Adelaide (incised), Neuhofer Adelaide (incised), Leo Neuhofer Sth Aust (incised), Neuhofer Ceramics Adelaide (incised)
  • Next Wave Ceramics – Next Wave Ceramics (impressed) with GH (impressed) for Greg Hamilton
  • New Moon Pottery – New Moon Pottery Australia (impressed), Moon in circle (impressed), NMP (painted)
  • Nicholls, Val – VN in square with two dots [1996]
  • Nichols, Gail – GN in circle, Gail Nichols [1996]
  • Nicol, Gary & Sonja – cP with two dots (impressed) for Cowaramup Pottery
  • Nielsen, Anne and Ole – N (impressed) – no frame
  • Niland, Barry – BN? [1982]
  • Nintingbool Potteries – N (impressed) [1981 under Stephen Drew]
  • Nykel, Vagn – Platypus (incised) on early works; Nykel (incised), V Nykel (incised)
  • Oceanview Pottery – Oceanview Pottery Handmade Australia (stamped) for Alan and Maureen Binns
  • Oddie, Cathy – Cathy Oddie (painted), Cathy Oddie Australia (painted)
  • Odgers, John – John Odgers [1986]
  • One Tree Hill Pottery – One Tree Hill Pottery Beechworth (impressed), six-petal flower (impressed), One Tree Hill Pottery (impressed), One Tree Hill Pottery Beechworth RjP (impressed), OTH (incised)
  • Oppermann, Marily Cintra – Marily Opperman [1996]
  • Ourimbah Pottery – Ourimbah Pottery Australia (impressed)
  • Outridge Field, Stephanie – SF [1996]


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