Paisley, Judith from image pool on Flickr

Selected images P

  • Packtrack Pottery – Gordon or Robert Gordon (painted in oxide in various forms); also an early incised version of Robert Gordon
  • Page, Marion – MP (incised)
  • Page, Rod – Rod Page (incised)
  • Paisley, Judith – Asian cypher (impressed) – like an A with a high crossbar, another with two crossbars
  • Palecek, Garry – GP [1981 under Fran & Garry Palecek, 1986 under Garry & Fran Palecek]
  • Palecek, Garry and Fran Ifould – P with a circular stroke for The Potters’ Wheel [1981 under Fran & Garry Palecek]; also Tallaganda (impressed) for Tallaganda Pottery
  • Palmateer, Warrick – Warrick Palmateer (incised) [JAC 54/1], also W. Palmateer (incised), Palmateer Pottery (impressed)
  • Palmer, Carolyn – CP in hexagon [1977], CP CP – one inverted over the other [1981]
  • Palmer, Davida – DP (impressed), Davida Palmer (impressed)
  • Palmer, Narayani – NP (impressed)
  • Palmwoods Pottery – Palm tree (impressed), Suttor Palmwoods impressed)
  • Paluma Pottery – PP (impressed) [JAC 49/1]; also Paluma Pottery (impressed)
  • Pancoast, Mary – Pancoast (painted)
  • Pancoast, Mary and Peter Petruccelli  – Petruccellis Ceramics UBeaconsfield (impressed) [1981]; also Stoney Creek Pottery (impressed)
  • Panogana Pottery – Panogana Pottery Tasmania (impressed)
  • Pappinbarra Creek Pottery – CE (impressed in circle), alone or with Pappinbarra Creek (impressed) or Pappinbarra Creek Pottery (printed)
  • Paris Creek Pottery – Paris Creek Pottery (incised)
  • Park, Ruth – Ruth Park (incised)
  • Parker, Andrew – Andrew Parker with obp for Over the Bridge Pottery [1996]; also Parker (painted) and Jekyll Ware by Andrew Parker of Uralla, NSW (paper label)
  • Parker, Shirley – S in square (impressed), S. Parker (painted)
  • Paroissien, Danielle – in 1973 but no mark recorded
  • Parsons, Gwen – in 1981 but no mark recorded
  • Passlow, Vicki V. Passlow (painted)
  • Pate, Klytie – Klytie Sclater (incised) 1935-1937, Klytie Pate (incised) 1937- [Ford]
  • Patey, Megan – mP [1986, 1996]
  • Patmore, Isaac – flourished scroll (impressed)
  • Paton, Del – Del (incised)
  • Patton, Valerie – Valerie Patton (incised)
  • Paul, David – Paul (painted)
  • Paw Pottery – Paw (impressed) with Pat (impressed) for Pat Walker
  • Paydirt Pottery – LeRoy (impressed) with Paydirt Pottery York W.A. (impressed)
  • Payne, John – J Payne (incised), Robertson Pottery (impressed) 1985-2002, Bingie Pottery (impressed) 2002-
  • Paynter, Jeanie – in 1973 but no mark recorded
  • Peach, Dianne – Dianne with bird under bell for Bellbird Pottery [1981], Dianne Peach (incised) [1985]
  • Pearce, Merelyn – MP in circle (impressed)
  • Pearce, Ray – Pearce (impressed) [1985]; also with COW (impressed) for Blind Cow Pottery
  • Pearse, Mark – Pearse’s Pottery Uraidla (impressed), Pearse’s Pottery, Yankalilla (impressed)
  • Pearson, Pat – P in triangle (impressed) [1977, 1981, 1985, 1986]; also Pat Pearson (cursive) [1981]
  • Peascod, Alan – Peascod (painted)
  • Pedler, Barbara – Pedler (painted)
  • Pedler, David – David Pedler (painted in ceramic crayon)
  • Pedler, Rod – Rod (incised), Low fired decorative vase / made by Rod Pedler South Australia / Will not hold water (paper label)
  • Pedro’s Pottery – Windmill (impressed) with Pedro (impressed) or just Pedro (impressed)
  • Pegler, Joan – Joan Pegler (impressed in two versions), Joan (impressed)
  • Pemberton, Kaye – KP (impressed), Kaye Pemberton (painted)
  • Pengelly, Barbara – bbp – second b and p smaller and above the bowl of the first b [1986]
  • Pengelly, Tom – TP – looks like a needle and thread [1981]
  • Pennington, Pat – in 1990 but no mark recorded
  • Pennisi, Carmelo – in 1981 but no mark recorded
  • Penny’s Peace Pottery – PPP (impressed next to a map of Australia)
  • Penwhaupell Pottery – Penwhaupell Pottery (painted)
  • Pepper, Chris – CP in circle with PP in circle for Peppers Pottery [1981]; also C Pepper (painted)
  • Peppi Pottery – Peppi (incised) for Dixie Butler
  • Perceval, John – Perceval (painted or incised) [Ford]; also P (painted)
  • Perth Studio Potters
  • Peterkin, Les – LP – looks like LAP (incised), Peterkin (incised), L.P. (incised) next to Mosman with whale (impressed), Peterkin Tyalgum (painted or incised), Peterkin Tyalgum (impressed in three versions) [Ford]; also Peterkin (painted), Old Sydney Town (incised)
  • Peterkin, Sharon – Sharon Peterkin W.A. (painted), Purple Betty Designs W.A. (painted), Handpainted by Sharon Peterkin, handthrown by Russell Deane (paper label)
  • Petersen, Ruth – R Petersen (painted)
  • Petruccelli, Peter – P inside house in circle [1981]; Petruccelli (painted) [Skepsi]; also earlier marks P (painted) and Peter (painted)
  • Petruccelli, Peter and Mary Pancoast – Petruccellis Ceramics UBeaconsfield (impressed) [1981]; also Stoney Creek Pottery (impressed)
  • Phelan, Robyn – RP (incised) [JAC50/3]
  • Phillips, Catherine – Catherine Phillips (incised)
  • Phillips, Howard – Eldorado Pottery (impressed), H. Phillips (incised)
  • Phillips, Jill – Jill Phillips (painted)
  • Phillips, Maria – Maria (incised)
  • Phoenix Pottery (WA)– no mark recorded at this time
  • Pickard, Libby – LP (impressed)
  • Pickett, Brigitte – in 1988 but no mark recorded
  • Pierce, Judy and Ric – One Tree Hill Pottery Beechworth (impressed), six-petal flower (impressed), One Tree Hill Pottery (impressed), One Tree Hill Pottery Beechworth RjP (impressed), OTH (incised)
  • Piggford Agnew, Joan – Piggford (incised), P.J. Piggford (impressed), JP (impressed) with eight-spoked wheel (impressed)
  • Pigott, John – O (impressed) with a dividing line, JP (impressed); also unmarked
  • Pike, Graham and Christian Vocke – CVGP (painted or incised)
  • Pile, Dennis – DP in circle [1977]
  • Pill, Stephen and Silvana  – Clay Impressions Australia (printed)
  • Pilliga Pottery – Pilliga Pottery (incised) [1996 under Richard C. Rickert]
  • Pilven, Janine – Janine Pilven [1996]
  • Pilven, Peter – Peter Pilven [1996]; also P. Pilven (painted), Pilven (painted), P.P. (impressed)
  • Pilven, Ruby – RP – the R reversed [JAC 50/1]
  • Pine, Peter – in 1981 but no mark recorded
  • Pine Ridge Pottery – pinetree in circle (impressed) with K or R (impressed) for Kathleen or Russell Whiteoak
  • Pitt, Greg – P in circle [1981, 1985];  also Pitt (impressed), Greg Pitt (impressed – two versions), Greg Pitt South Australia (impressed)
  • Pitt, Trevor – TPitt inside The Claypitt original Australian pottery (printed) [1996]; also TPitt inside Original Australian Pottery (printed), TPitt inside Handcrafted in Australia (printed), Mt Gambier Pottery / Rock from Mt Shank was used to make the glaze on this pot / Trevor Pitt (paper label), TPitt Australia (incised)
  • Pittard, Chris – Chris Pittard (painted)
  • Pittard, Mary Lou – M Lou, M Lou Pittard or Mary Lou Pittard (painted or incised)
  • Point Lookout Pottery – Point Lookout Pottery (impressed)
  • Pomeranz, Ric – FP (impressed) for Frederic Pomeranz, kanji character in circle (impressed), cat with barber’s pole (impressed) for The Barber’s Cat Pottery, Pomeranz Studio Pottery Sherbrooke (impressed)
  • Port Curtis Pottery – Port Curtis Pottery  Australian made around a W in square (printed), Port Curtis Australian Pottery (impressed)
  • Port O’ Freo Pottery – Port O’ Freo Pottery (impressed)
  • Port Stephens Pottery – Port Stephens Pottery Australia (impressed), the same stamp with DSL in the centre for Daniel Stephen Limon
  • Porter, Roz – Roz (painted)
  • Portnoy, Sallie – egg crossed by wriggly line in square [1982]
  • Possum Gully Pottery – Possum Gully Pottery Healesville Australia (impressed)
  • Possum Pots – Possum Pots / Original ceramics / Made in Australia / Bev Puckridge / Ian Winter (printed)
  • Potiphar, Reg and Ivy – Ivy Potiphar (incised), Potiphar (incised)
  • Potpourri Pottery – P (impressed) with an impressed butterfly
  • Potter, David – D. Potter (cursive) [1981]
  • Potter, Kim – Kim Potter (incised), KP (impressed or incised)
  • Potters Arms Studio -Potters Arms with Z motif [1986 under Garry Bish]
  • Potters Wheel – P with circular stroke [1981 under Fran & Garry Palecek]
  • Pottery Loft – Pottery Loft (painted)
  • Pottery Window – NC (incised) for Neville Cutts with Pottery Window Richmond NSW (paper label)
  • Pottique Pottery – Pottique (painted)
  • Potts, Hedley – Hedley Potts (incised)
  • Poulton, Donna – D (impressed) – in a medieval font
  • Poulton, Irene – IP (impressed)
  • Povey, Freya – Freya S. Aust (incised), F. Povey Adelaide incised), F. Povey S. Australia (incised), F.P. (painted), Freya Povey Australia (printed)
  • Powell, Billie – Billie Powell (painted) [1996]; also Billie Powell (impressed), Billie Powell Tasmania (impressed)
  • Powell, Jeanne – JP (impressed)
  • Powell, Max – MP (painted)
  • Powell, Noel – Noel Powell (incised)
  • Pozzi, Colleen – POZ (impressed), Neergabbie Pottery / Colleen Pozzi (paper label), CP (incised)


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