Sartori, Joe from image pool on Flickr

Selected images S

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  • Saccardo, Marilyn – Marilyn (incised)
  • Sadler, Ken – Sadler (painted or incised), Warrnambool (impressed) [Ford]
  • Sahm, Bernard – Sahm or BS [1996], Sahm (incised) or BS (impressed) [ Ford]
  • Salamander Pottery –  Salamander shape for Salamander Pottery [1986, 1990 under Tony Hutchison]; also Toowoomba Salamander Pottery (impressed)
  • Salkeld, Monika – M (impressed)
  • Salmon, Adele – in 1973 but no mark recorded
  • Salmon, Jocelyn – J TAS (incised), sometimes with an impressed map of Tasmania
  • Salo, Stephen – S in circle (impressed) [1977, 1985]
  • Samuels, Bill – BS [Skepsi]; also S in circle (impressed)
  • Sanders, Chris – CS (impressed), CS (C.S.) or Chris Sanders (incised)
  • Sanders, Tom – Dorian Sands, Tom Sanders Eltham, T.P. Sanders, Tom Sanders (all incised)
  • Sanders, Tom and Elizabeth – Tom & Elizabeth Sanders (incised)
  • Sandon Ceramics – SC (impressed)  [1982 under Joy Kripner]
  • Sandover, Atsuko – atsuko (incised) in the Japanese script hiragana. The three kana read ‘a’, ‘tsu’ ‘ko’
  • Sangster, Bill and Shirley – no mark recorded at this time
  • Saper, Leon – L. Saper (incised)
  • Sartori, Joe  – J. SARTORI, J. Sartori or JS (J.S.) (incised)
  • Saunders, Faye – Faye Saunders (incised)
  • Sauvage, Marc – MS (cursive)
  • Sawyer, Jane – Jane Sawyer [1996]
  • Sawyer, Maurice – cockatoo head for Kakatua Pottery, Kakatua Pottery (impressed)
  • Sayers, Joan – J. Sayers (painted or incised), Sayers (painted or incised), Hand made Sayers Australia (incised), Redland Bay Pottery J Sayers (incised) [Ford]
  • Sayers, Katrina – Hand made K. Sayers Australia (incised), Australianaware Sayers Handmade (incised) [Ford]
  • Saxby, Brenton – BS? [JAC 50/1]
  • Shackleton, Cher – C (impressed)
  • Shanahan, Alma – Alma Shanahan (incised)
  • Shavian Pottery – Shavian Pottery (incised), Shavian Hobart (incised in five versions), Shavian with map of Tasmania (incised), map of Tasmania (incised) [Ford]
  • Shaw, Edward – Edward Shaw (incised), ES in map of Tasmania (impressed),
  • Shaw, Edward and Margaret – Shavian Pottery (incised), Shavian Hobart (incised in five versions), Shavian with map of Tasmania (incised), map of Tasmania (incised) [Ford]
  • Shaw, Julie – Julie Shaw (incised)
  • Shaw, Margaret – MS with map of Tasmania (incised), MS Tasmania (incised) [Ford]
  • Shaw, Richard – S (incised or impressed), human stick figure (incised), Shaw (painted or incised) [Ioannou]
  • Sheehan, Prue – Prue Sheehan with Pesart for Pesart Studio [1996]
  • Sheen, Lynne – LS in triangle [1982]
  • Shelsher, Amanda – Amanda Shelsher (painted) [JAC 50/3]
  • Shelsher, Gerda – G Shelsher (incised)
  • Shepherd, Julie – Julie Shepherd (painted)
  • Shepherd Pottery – Shepherd Pottery Australia (printed)
  • Sheridan, Steve – SS in circle (impressed) to 1982, then SS with two dots (impressed)
  • Sherlow Pottery – Sherlow Pottery (impressed), Sherlow Pottery Perth West Australia (impressed)
  • Shiga, Shigeo – Japanese character in circle or square, with bar in circle and two dots for Asuka Pottery [1977]; also Shiga (painted) in English or Japanese
  • Shimeld, Jock (Hugh) – JS in square (impressed) [1977]; also Jock Shimeld Glenning Valley (impressed)
  • Shipard, Rose – Rose Shipard (incised)
  • Shoji, Mitsuo – MS (painted) [JAC 54/1], also MS (incised)
  • Sibbel, Herman – HSII (painted)
  • Sibrava, Rudolf – RS, and Artisan Studio Tasmania (printed) [1996 under Artisan Pottery]
  • Sid the Potter – Sid the Potter Two Rocks W.A. Australia (impressed), STP (incised) for Sid the Potter
  • Sigel, Dianne – DS (impressed) – the S inside the D, also Di (incised), Di Sigel (incised)
  • Sill, Sergio – Sill or Sergio Sill or Sergio or SS (impressed or incised) with seagull, circle and two wavy lines in square (impressed)
  • Silson, Keith  – Handcrafted by Keith Silson Cairns Australia (paper label), Silson Pottery Cairns (impressed), Silson (incised), Silson NQ (incised)
  • Silver, Ruth – RS (impressed) [1981]
  • Silwood, Diane – Diane Silwood (incised)
  • Simmons, Julie – JS in circle (impressed)
  • Simmonds, Clive – CS (incised)
  • Simmons, Julie – JS in circle (impressed)
  • Simms, James – JS (impressed)
  • Simonis, Rhonda – R (incised) – with a long tail
  • Simson, Jim – in 1973 but no mark recorded
  • Singleton, Barry – BS in square (impressed), Singa (painted)
  • Sinnott, Pam – Sinnott (painted)

Page: 1 Sadler-Sloane | 2 Smigrod-SzirerschwSu


2 thoughts on “S

  1. Hi there…I’m trying to track the Potter responsible for a tea pot & cups set I was given 30-odd years ago. The mark is scratched in, either SP, the curve of the S making the arc of the P (or SI where the line doesn’t intersect the S). The Potter was, I believe, in the Macedon region of Victoria. Any information greatly appreciated!
    Deb T


    Posted by Deb Turner | June 3, 2019, 9:53 am

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