Yackandandah Pottery from image pool on Flickr

Selected images XYZ

  • Yackandandah Pottery – Yackandandah Pottery (impressed)
  • Yardley, Chris –  Chris Yardley Australia (cursive) [1996]; also Chris Yardley (painted)
  • Yaroomba Pottery – Yaroomba Pottery (impressed or printed)
  • Yarra Glen Pottery – Yarra glen Pottery Naturally (impressed), Yarra Glen Pottery Queensland (impressed), ‘YG (impressed), Handcrafted for Yarra Glen by Australian Clayworkers (printed)
  • Yarrabah Pottery – Yarrabah Pottery (incised) with individual potters’ own incised marks, Yarrabah Pottery Cairns (impressed)
  • Yarrabar Pottery – Yarrabar Pottery Dubbo (impressed)
  • Yarralynga Pottery – Yarralynga (impressed) with Australia (impressed)
  • Yeo, Keith – Keith Yeo (incised)
  • Young, Val – Lightning Ridge VY (incised),  Lightning Ridge pottery in a map of Australia (incised)
  • Younger, Karen – Younger (incised), Earth and Fire (incised)
  • Zak’s Pottery – Zak’s in map of Australia (impressed)
  • Zanetti, Tonia – TZ in circle [1981]
  • Zeck, Garry – Garry Zeck (painted), Zeck (painted), GZ (painted), Z (impressed), Z (incised in enamel), bunch of grapes (impressed)
  • Zeck, Jan – Jan Zeck (painted), JZ (painted), Swan Valley Studio (printed stamp)
  • Zenkali Ceramics – Zenkali Australia (impressed) with Tanya (incised)
  • Zerafa, Maggie – set of runes (impressed)
  • Zettergren, Ulla – Ulla (impressed), Kurrajong Pottery Bassendean WA (impressed), Ulla (in texta on sculptures)
  • Zoran Pottery – Zoran (impresssed), Zoran (impressed in a map of Australia)


2 thoughts on “XYZ

  1. Conocí a Tonia en el año 1980, y deseo comunicarme sobre una pieza de cerámica que ella tiene, es una bañista en forma horizontal y me gustaría tener un registro fotográfico. Saludos Ricardo Galván


    Posted by Ricardo Galván | May 11, 2015, 6:53 am
  2. Gracias Ricardo . Le enviaré mi dirección de correo electrónico. Judith


    Posted by Judith | May 11, 2015, 1:07 pm

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