Barnes, Tony from image pool on Flickr

Selected images B

  • Blaber, Ray – Ray Blaber, R Blaber or RB (incised)
  • Black, Margaret – Margaret Black [1996]
  • Black, Sandra – S. Black (cursive) [1985, 1986, 1996], also Sandra Black (incised)
  • Black Cat Pottery – Black Cat Pottery Australia (impressed) with an impressed cat.
  • Black Dog Creek Pottery – Black Dog Creek Pottery (impressed – in several versions), Black Dog Creek Pottery Chiltern Valley (impressed), BD (impressed)
  • Blackfriars Pottery – BF (impressed) with Derek Smith Blackfriars Pottery (impressed)
  • Blake, Shan – in 1981 and 1988 but no mark recorded
  • Blakebrough, Les – LB with two dots (impressed) with the Sturt Pottery seal from 1962-1973, LB with two dots (impressed) after 1973, Les Blakebrough (red printed on porcelain after 1993), LB (embossed on porcelain) after 1997 [Ford]; also LB (impressed) [1977, 1981]; also two very early versions of LB (impressed) without the two dots not included in Ford
  • Blakely, Matthew – MB (impressed) with Beechwood (impressed) from 1997-2002
  • Blaxland, Barbara – bb -the second b smaller and above the bowl of the first [1977, 1981]
  • Blight, Barry – Barry Blight (incised)
  • Blind Cow Pottery – COW (impressed)
  • Bloom, Robyn – R Bloom (impressed)
  • Blue Forest Pottery – Made in Australia by Blue Forest Pottery, Withcott, QLD (impressed)
  • Blue, Noel – Noel Blue or Noel Blue Australia (incised)
  • Bluebell Pottery – BB (incised) or Bluebell (incised) for Philip Staun’s Bluebell Pottery
  • Blyton, Lilo – L. Blyton, Blue Mtns (impressed)
  • Boak, Estelle – E Boak (incised)
  • Boddington, Georgie – GB (incised)
  • Boehm, Rhonda – Rhonda Longbottom (incised) or RL (impressed) to mid-1980s then RB (impressed) with the R reversed, sometimes with  impressed kangaroo; also Boehm (incised)
  • Bond, Graham – No mark recorded yet
  • Bond, Margery – MJB (impressed)
  • Booth, Jean – in 1973 but no mark recorded
  • Boscacci, Louise – Louise Boscacci (painted) [JAC 53/3]; also Boscacci or LB (painted or incised)
  • Bosworth, Mollie – MB with B sideways under M [JAC 50/3]
  • Boughton, Neil – NB or NBoughton (incised) or NCB (impressed), sometimes with Aust (incised), plus incised numbering system for dates
  • Boulay, Michel – MB (incised) [1996]
  • Boulton, Beverley – bb in circle, one sideways with dot [1986]
  • Bourke, Bryan – Bryan (painted) on early works
  • Bourke, Bryan and Teresa – Btk Queensland (painted) for Bryteka Pottery
  • Bout, Geurt – Made by G Bout Art Potter Crafers Sth Aust (stamped) [Ford]
  • Bouwman, Yvonne – YB (incised) [1985, 1986], Yvonne B (incised) [1981, 1996]; also YB Australia (incised)
  • Bovill, Gillian – Gil Bovill or Gil B (incised), Bull in circle (impressed) [Ford], also GB (incised), Gillian Bovill (incised)
  • Bowers, Stephen – S Bowers (painted); also makers’ names incorporated as printed text into design [JAC 49/2]
  • Bowes, Colin – CB Colin Bowes (impressed)
  • Bowkett, Sandra – Sandra Bowkett (painted), three dots (impressed) [JAC 50/1]; also S Bowkett (painted)
  • Bowley, Simon – SB (incised)
  • Boxwood Pottery – Boxwood Pottery Kialla (impressed), Boxwood Pottery Kialla Vic (impressed), Boxwood Pottery Shepparton Australia (impressed)
  • Boyd, Arthur Merric – Boyd, AM Boyd, Arthur Merric Boyd (all incised)
  • Boyd, David and Hermia – Hermia Ware, Hermia, ‘Boyd / England, D + H Boyd, David + Hermia Boyd (all painted or incised) [Ford]
  • Boyd, Guy – Guy Boyd (incised)
  • Boyd, Kevin – Kevin Boyd (incised), Kevin Boyd Surrey Hills with five-petal and dot motif in circle (impressed)
  • Boyd, Malcolm – Boyd (painted), Black Cockatoo (incised)
  • Boyd-Goggin, Debra – D. Goggin (incised), D (incised)
  • Boydell, Judy – B (incised) [1990 and JAC 49/1]; also Boydell (incised)
  • Boyle, Anne – Boyle (painted), AB (impressed)
  • Boyter, Lisa – LB (painted) [1996 under Artisan Pottery]; also Lisa Boyter (painted)
  • Bradley, Elaine – Elaine Bradley (painted)
  • Bradley, Janice – Janice GVP Western Australia (incised)
  • Bradley, Linda – Linda Bradley (incised), LB (incised)
  • Bradshaw, David John –  DB in rectangle [1977]
  • Braemore – Braemore (embossed), Braemore (paper label), Braemore Australia (red underglaze mark) [Ford]
  • Braemore Carstens – Braemore Carstens (paper label) {Ford], also B-C (embossed) with embossed model number
  • Braemore Haeger – Braemore Haeger (paper label)
  • Braithwaite, Anne – AB in square (impressed)
  • Breaden, Jan – J (impressed)
  • Brennan, Carolyne – Carol Brennan [1996]
  • Brereton, Kevin – Brereton (painted) [Ford]
  • Bridgetown Pottery – Bevan Mills Bridgetown Pottery (impressed)
  • Brindabella Pottery (1982-1999) – JDB with mountains (impressed) [1985, 1986,1996 under Janet DeBoos]
  • Broadhurst, Helen – HB [1985, 1986]
  • Brockie, Maggie – Maggie (impressed)
  • Broinowski, Gillian – triangle of three six-sided shapes in a square (impressed) [1977, 1981]; also without the square
  • Bromley, Helen – HB (painted)
  • Brook, Sue – Brook (painted)
  • Brooker, Eileen – EB TAS (impressed), EB TAS (painted), Eileen Brooker Tasmania (impressed) [Ford]; also Eileen Brooker Tasmania (painted)
  • Brookfield Pottery – Brookfield Pottery Everton (impressed or printed) for Robert A. Schulze
  • Brooks, Richard – RB (impressed) with four dots in crossed square (impressed) [1990]; also RB (impressed with impressed kangaroo
  • Broomhill Pottery – Goblet (impressed)
  • Broomhill, Di – in 1988 but mark not recorded
  • Brophy, Susan – in 1988 but mark not recorded
  • Brown, Alison – ab in rectangle [1990]; also ab (painted) or Alison Brown (painted)
  • Brown, George and Jan – G & J B (impressed) with Morpeth Pottery (impressed)
  • Brown, Ineke – Ineke (incised)
  • Brown, Peter – :I. (impressed)
  • Brown, Trevor – Trevor Brown (painted), TB (incised)
  • Browne, Colin – three dots in a truncated circle (impressed) [1981, 1985]; also Tarrangower Pottery Maldon, Australia (impressed), T (impressed), three dots (painted as a decorative motif)
  • Browne, Griselda – in 1973 and 1977 but mark not recorded
  • Bruce, Neil -RNB (impressed) with the R reversed
  • Bruce, Paul and Louise – Berrima Village Pottery Australia (impressed)
  • Brunsdon, Gabrielle – Gabrielle Brunsdon Australia (incised)
  • Bryteka Pottery – Btk Queensland (painted) for Bryan and Teresa Bourke
  • Buchanan, Gilbert – Gilbert Buchanan Redbyrne Potteries Shepparton (impressed)
  • Buckle, Sue – S Buckle (incised), SB (incised)
  • Buckner, Carol – CB Rubyvale (painted)
  • Buik, Kevin F. – KB
  • Bulls Hill Pottery – Bulls Hill Pottery or Bulls Hill Pottery Sydney  or Bulls Hill Pottery Sydney Handpainted (painted)
  • Bulmer, Wendy – six-veined leaf (impressed) [1981]; also four-veined leaf (impressed)
  • Bundeena Pottery – in 1973 under Liz Smythe but no mark recorded
  • Bures, Jiri – Bures (painted or incised), Bures Australia (painted or incised)
  • Burgess, Tony – sloping t with two dots in the upper quarters (impressed); from 1973-1974 also with the Sturt Pottery seal
  • Burns, Ian –  bee in flight (painted) [1996]; also IB (painted), IB Handcrafted in Australia (painted)
  • Burrawong Pottery – BP (impressed) for Trevor Almond
  • Burrum Pottery – Burrum Pottery Beerburrum (printed paper label) for Peter Tappin
  • Burton, Bill – WB Burton [1996]
  • Butler, Beverley – Bev Butler (incised) [1985], CS with four dots in circle for Butler Craft Studio (early versions  impressed, later ones transfer printed) [1985, 1996], BB (incised) [1996]; also Bev Butler (impressed), CS with four dots (impressed – no circle), an additional four dots for exhibition pieces
  • Butler, Dixie – dB (impressed), Peppi (incised) for Peppi Pottery
  • Buttenshaw, Jan – JB (impressed), sometimes on a relief medallion
  • Byrne, Jill (Evans) – Jill E. (painted or incised), Jill Byrne (painted or incised) [Ford]
  • Byrne, Paul – New Moon Pottery Australia (impressed), Moon in circle (impressed), pb (impressed), P Byrne or PB (painted), Paul Byrne (incised), NMP (painted)
  • Byrt, Gavin – Gavin Byrt (painted)


3 thoughts on “B

  1. Kevin Buik’s mark is KB. I have a vase of his and the original card inside. It reads Tara Galleries Kevin Buik KB 37 “Autumn Mist”. Bought for me years ago.


    Posted by Mrs G poole | September 17, 2014, 1:59 pm
  2. Regarding “Berridale Pottery” – AW. The mark is of Ann(e?) Wilkinson. I knew her in the late 70s when i lived in the Berridale district. I still have some of her very fine bowls and haven’t been able to find better since.


    Posted by Ian White | September 18, 2014, 11:55 am
  3. Thank you Ian, I have added this to the entry.


    Posted by Judith | October 13, 2014, 4:59 pm

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