Greenaway, Victor from image pool on Flickr

Selected images G

  • Geelong Pottery – Geelong Pottery Pty. Ltd. Millstone (impressed), Geelong Pottery Millstone Ware (printed)
  • Gellibrand Pottery – Gellibrand Australia (impressed)
  • Gembrook Pottery – Gembrook Pottery (impressed), Gembrook Pottery Wirilda (impressed), Wirilda (painted)
  • Geroe, Ann – AG (painted) [1982, Skepsi]
  • Geschke, David – DG  or DGeschke (incised in cursive script)
  • Gibbs, Caroline – Caroline Gibbs [1986]
  • Gibson, Andrew – Gibson (painted)
  • Gibson, Jess – Jess Gibson (incised)
  • Gilbert, John – Gilbert (incised) [Ford]
  • Gilder, Delma – In 1973 and 1977 but no mark recorded
  • Giles, Jill – J Giles (painted), Giles Geelong Australia (impressed)
  • Gill, Pauline – Pauline Gill (incised)
  • Gledhill, Judy – Gledhill (incised)
  • Gleeson, John – John Gleeson (painted or incised), Winchcomb Gleeson (impressed), JG (impressed)
  • Gleeson, Sally – in 1988 but no mark recorded
  • Glenview Pottery – Glenview Pottery (impressed)
  • Gluch, Ivan – Gluch (painted or incised), G (impressed)
  • Gluch, Jan – Gluch’, Gluch Australia or ‘Australia’ under the image of a Viking helmet (printed) [Ford]; also J. Gluch or Jan Gluch (incised)
  • Gwandalan Pottery – gp (impressed) with LS (impressed) [1981 under Leonard and Lindy Smith]
  • Gyngell Taylor, Diana – Diana Gyngell Taylor (incised), Diana Gyngell Taylor Australia (incised), dt (impressed)
  • Gyorgy, Szilvia – Gyorgy Szilvia (incised) [JAC 49/3], also Gyorgy (incised)


2 thoughts on “G

  1. Goulburn Valley Potteries doesn’t get a mention…?
    Is there any available info please?


    Posted by Jennifer | August 20, 2016, 4:14 pm

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