Levy, Col from image pool on Flickr

Selected images L

  • La Paloma Pottery – Outline of a dove [1985, 1986]
  • Lacovetsky, Alan – A with bar over the top (impressed) [1982]
  • Lacrosse, Colin – CL (impressed or painted in oxide), CL with or without three dots (impressed), tree (impressed)
  • Lafebre, Peter – L in circle [1977]
  • Lafferty, Daniel – Bandicoot Pottery or Bandicoot Pottery Cobargo NSW (impressed)
  • Lahe, Ingrid – Pottery of Central Australia by Ingrid Lahe (printed label)
  • Laird, Tom – TAL (impressed); also TAL (painted)
  • Lallemand, Jackie – JL
  • Lamb, Ian –  IL (impressed) in square – looks like N [1996]; also Ian Lamb (incised)
  • Lamond, James A. – JAL [1996]
  • Lane, Catherine – Catherine Lane (cursive) [1996]
  • Lane, Jeni – in 1990 under Richard and Jeni Lane but no mark recorded
  • Lane, Richard – R Lane (painted)
  • Langley, Robert – Robert Langley (incised) [Ford]; also Langley (incised)
  • Langridge, Laine – LL (impressed in yin yang symbol, one L to each half) [1977, 1981]
  • Lanyon, Jane – JW (painted) for Jane Watkins, Jane Lanyon (painted), Jane (incised)
  • Laszuk, Emily – EHJ for Emily Haughton-James (incised), E. Stackman (incised), E. Laszuk (incised), Emily L. (incised)
  • Laughing Frog Pottery – LFP (impressed) [1996 under Ian jones]
  • Lawry, Jane – Jane Lawrie (incised), Mapleton (painted), mapleton Pottery (impressed)
  • Lawson, Bill – in 1981 but no mark recorded
  • Lawson, Phil – Lawson (incised),
  • Laycock, Helen – Helen (painted or incised) [Ford]; also Helen Laycock (incised)
  • Laycock, Peter – Peter Laycock (incised) [Ford, 1996], PL (impressed) from 1962 [Ford]; also Laycock (incised) and Peter Laycock Dunk Island (incised)
  • Le Grand, Henri – Canberra HLE (incised) [Ford]; also HLE (incised)
  • Leach, Maureen – M. Leach (painted)
  • Leckie, Alex – Leckie (incised) [Ford]; also Leckie (painted or impressed) and impressed seal with three wavy lines below a circle
  • Lee, Lorraine – in 1981 and 1985 but no mark recorded
  • Leech, Joseph Edwin – J.E. Leech (painted), Limited Edition Australasia 2000 Ho. Made in Australia Edwin Leech (impressed)
  • Lees, Robyn – no mark recorded yet
  • Legge, Hugh – HL (impressed in circle)
  • Lehmann, Grant – Made in Australia by Blue Forest Pottery, Withcott, QLD (impressed), Made in Australia by Grant Lehmann Pottery, Toowoomba, QLD (impresed), Grant Lehmann with a map of Australia (impressed)
  • Lem Arts – Lem Arts handpainted in Australia (incised)
  • Lemcke, Helen – H Lemcke Darwin NT (painted or incised)
  • Lenehan, Marjorie – M. Lenehan (painted), ML (painted or incised), Fleur-de-lis (impressed or embossed)
  • Lenthall, Ned – L with three wavy lines to the right [1981]
  • Lenton, Robert – Robert Lenton (impressed), R. Lenton (incised)
  • Leonard’s Bridge Pottery – Leonard’s Bridge Pottery Ballarat (impressed), Leonard’s Bridge Pottery Ballarat Australia (impressed); also Leonard’s Bridge Pottery (impressed) for work made at Blackburn
  • Leone, Monika – Monika Leone ACT (painted)
  • Lepp, Mark – Mark Lepp Redbyrne Potteries Shepparton (impressed)
  • Letham, Teddy – in 1973 but no mark recorded
  • Letsch, Erica – Erica Letsch (incised)
  • Letts, Allan – AL Cannie Ridge Harcourt (impressed) [1981]; also Bendigo Pottery AL Epsom (impressed), Hand thrown by Allan Letts (impressed), A. Letts Cannie Ridge Harcourt (impressed), Harcourt Vic. Cannie Ridge Pottery Made in Australia (impressed)
  • Levin, Elizabeth – EL (incised)
  • Levingston, Audrey – [1990]
  • Levy, Col – CL (impressed), from 1958-, CL (incised) from 1978 [Ford]
  • Lewis, David – DL (incised)
  • Lewis, Jan – Jan Lewis (impressed), Jan Lewis Aust (impressed), Table Top Jan Lewis Hand crafted in Australia (impressed), Table Top Jan Lewis Limited edition made in Australia (printed underglaze stamp), Bessemer by Jan Lewis Australia (printed underglaze stamp)
  • Lewis, Murray – Murray Lewis (impressed), ML with logo  (impressed), Peel Pottery (impressed)
  • Lidstone, Nicholas – NL (impressed) with BP (impressed) for Berrima Pottery and YY (impressed) for the year
  • Lightning Ridge Pottery – Lightning Ridge (incised) with the potter’s initials – AW for Allen Watt, GJ for Gwen Jenkins, VY for Val Young and others, e.g. IA, not yet identified; Lightning Ridge pottery in a map of Australia (incised) for later work by Val Young
  • Lillydale Pottery – Lillydale Pottery, Hand Crafted, Aust. (impressed) with individual potter’s initals
  • Limon, Dan – Port Stephens Pottery Australia (impressed), the same stamp with DSL in the centre for Daniel Stephen Limon
  • Lindfield Pottery – Lindfield Pottery (incised), Lindfield Pottery (impressed in square), Lindfield Pottery Port Macquarie (painted), Made in Port Macquarie Australia by Lindfield Pottery (printed); also several incised names, including Denise Derrett, Marie C, Peter D  and KR
  • Lindsey, Maxine – Lindsey [1981]
  • Liney, Greg and Robyn – Creation Pottery Mia Mia Woodfired (impressed), Greg Liney (incised), Robyn Liney (incised)
  • Linigen, Robert – Robert Linigen (painted) [1990]
  • Linnane, Vic – Vic Linnane (impressed), Vic Linnane Wagga Wagga (impressed)
  • Linton, Suzan – SL [1986]
  • Lisyak, Kate – KL (incised) [1996]
  • Lithgow Valley Pottery – LVP (impressed)
  • Little Forest Pottery – trefoil tree in circle [1981 under Penelope Carr, and John Edye]
  • Little, Jan – Jan Little (impressed)
  • Little Sydney Pottery – The Little Sydney Pottery Australia (printed)
  • Littlewood, Wendy – Wendy Littlewood (painted)
  • Livesey, Mel – Livesey (incised), M (impressed in square)
  • Livesey, Stephanie – SL (impressed in square)
  • Llatse, John – Llatse (impressed – in two versions), Llatse (incised)
  • Lo, Andrew – Chinese characters in square (impressed)
  • Locker, Claire – Claire Locker (painted or incised)
  • Lockwood, Sandy – SL (impressed) [1985, 1986, 1990, 1996, JAC 49/1]; also for a short time BP (impressed, reversed) for Balmoral Pottery
  • Longbottom, Rhonda – Rhonda Longbottom (incised) or RL (impressed) for works by Rhonda Boehm to mid-1980s
  • Longley, Bill – Bill Longley Australia (impressed)
  • Loopline Pottery – LLP (impressed) [1981] for works made by Steve Harrison and Janine King from 1976-
  • Lord, June – June Lord (cursive) [1977, 1981], JL in circle [1977, 1981, 1986], JLP in circle [1981, 1986]
  • Lorraine, Judy – JL in square (impressed) [1977, 1981, 1982, 1985]; also JL (painted) and Judy Lorraine with address and outline of kangaroo over map of Australia (paper label)
  • Loudon, Valmai – V in circle [1982]
  • Loughrey, Janette – J Loughrey (painted)
  • Love, Michiko – m (incised) with two Japanese characters (incised)
  • Lovegrove, Anna Corinne – A.C.L. (ACL) (painted), A.C. Lovegrove (painted)
  • Low, Liz – L [JAC 50/3]; also Low (incised), both with a looped L
  • Lowe, Allan – Allan Lowe around pyramid (incised), Allan Lowe “Blue Vista” Australia (incised with pyramid), Allan Lowe (incised) [Ford]
  • Lowe, Jon – Jon Lowe (incised)
  • Lowe, Marian – Marian Lowe (incised)
  • Lowe, Peg – Peg Lowe (incised) [Ford]
  • Lowe, Peter – Lowe (incised) [in Ford under Allan Lowe but incorrectly ascribed]
  • Lucas, Irene Daisy – Daisy Ware (incised), Daisy Ware Australia (incised), Daisy Ware Mittagong Australia (incised) [Ford]; also Irene D. Lucas (incised)
  • Lucas, John – Coo-ee Pottery (incised), Coo-ee Pottery Australia (incised), Coo-ee Pottery Australia  J Lucas (incised)
  • Lucey, Leonie – Lucey (impressed)
  • Luckett, Andy – Andy Luckett (impressed) with the Cowra Japanese Garden Pottery seal
  • Lue Pottery – LP joined to the same reversed (impressed), also with H (impressed) for solo work by Des, or with an asterisk (impressed) for work thrown by Trev and turned by Des; but later work just Lue Pottery (impressed)
  • Luijckx, Henri – Henri (incised)
  • Lushan Pottery –  LP [1981]
  • Lusis, Gundars – Gunda (incised) – often with an incised model number
  • Luton, Jill – WJL [1985, 1986]
  • Luxon Pottery – Luxon Pottery, Albury (impressed) with LP (impressed)
  • Lyall, Jennifer – in 1988 but no mark recorded
  • Lyon, Elizabeth – Cedar Shed Elizabeth Lyon (incised), Liz (impressed)
  • Lyons, David – DC Lyons (incised), DC Lyons Australia (incised), D.L. inside Bendigo Pottery (impressed), Hand Crafted Harcourt Pottery DC Lyons © Artist Copyright (impressed)
  • Lyrebird Ridge Pottery – Lyrebird motif (impressed) with EB (impressed) [1981, 1985 under Errol Barnes]; also, Lyrebird Ridge Pottery Handmade in Australia (printed stamp), LRP (painted)


3 thoughts on “L

  1. hi i have a vase incised lawson no b or bill but it clearly says lawson


    Posted by Matthew Schade | April 10, 2013, 9:37 pm
  2. Hi Matthew, it would be good if you could post images of this vase on the Identifying Australian Potters Group on flickr (http://www.flickr.com/groups/austpots/).


    Posted by Judith | April 10, 2013, 11:23 pm
  3. Re the mark Lawson, there is now a discussion on the Identifying Australian Potters’ Group tho’ no answers as yet: https://www.flickr.com/groups/austpots/discuss/72157649538411177/


    Posted by Judith | December 28, 2014, 10:53 am

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