Taggerty Pottery from image pool on Flickr

Selected images T

  • Taggerty Pottery – Taggerty Pottery (painted or incised), TP (painted)
  • Tahune Pottery – TP in circle (impressed), TP in circle in map of Tasmania (impressed), Tahune Pottery Huon TAS (impressed)
  • Tainton, Ray – Ray Tainton Warwick (impressed)
  • Tallaganda Pottery – Tallaganda (impressed)
  • Tamassy, Helena – Helena Tamassy (painted), Tamassy (painted)
  • Tame, Tricia – Tricia Tame (incised)
  • Tannery Lane Pottery – Tannery Lane Pottery Bendigo (impressed)
  • Tanton, Rynne – Rynne Tanton (incised), RT (impressed in circle), RT (impressed in square)
  • Tappin, Peter – Tappin (impressed), Peter Tappin (impressed), Burrum Pottery Beerburrum (printed paper label)
  • Tarrangower Pottery – Tarrangower Pottery Maldon, Australia (impressed), T (impressed) for Colin Browne
  • Tarrant, Di – Di (painted)
  • Taylor, David – DT (incised), Taylor Art Ceramics Australia (printed), TAC in circle (impressed in two sizes), TAC in rectangle (impressed in two sizes) [Ford]
  • Taylor, Diana Gyngell – Diana Gyngell Taylor (incised), Diana Gyngell Taylor Australia (incised); dt (impressed)
  • Taylor, Helen (SA) – Helen Taylor (painted) [1996], also Helen Taylor (incised)
  • Taylor, Maurice – MT (incised and coloured), T under the second loop of the M
  • Taylor, Michael – Rice Tree in Japanese (impressed)
  • Taylor, Ray – R Taylor (painted), RT (painted)
  • Taylor, Sandra – S. Taylor (incised)
  • Taylor, Stuart – S Taylor Wodonga (incised) with Airlie Pottery (impressed)
  • Taylor Graham, Dee – Dee (cursive) [JAC 50/3]
  • Temby, Jonathan – Jonathan Temby (painted)
  • Teodorowycz, K. – K  (incised) – K with apostrophe before and caret or circumflex above
  • Tepper, Margaret – Marg Tepper (incised), Margaret Tepper (incised)
  • Terrell, Ellen – Rainforest (incised), ET Rainforest (incised), E. Terrell Rainforest (incised)
  • Terry Hills Pottery – O (impressed) for work made under Andrew Halford’s direction
  • Teschendorff, John – no mark recorded yet
  • Tucker, Kim – Kim (incised), Kairi Pottery (impressed in two versions)
  • Tuckson, Margaret – MT – M over T (incised) [1990, Ford]; also MT  – side by side [Ford]
  • Tuckwell, John – JT (impressed)
  • Tufts, Ingrid – Ingrid (written in ceramic crayon)
  • Tuominen, Lauri – T in circle (impressed), Tuominen Made in South Australia (printed),  Tuominen Pottery Australia (printed) with T forming the stem of a chalice
  • Turmeau, Robyn – RT (impressed) with the Cowra Japanese Garden Pottery seal
  • Turner, Trevor – TkT in square (impressed) with map of Australia
  • Turnpike Pottery – Turnpike Pottery Victoria Australia (impressed) with ESP (impressed) for Elaine Sangster Pullum
  • Tychsen, Max – Max T (painted)
  • Tyers, Joan – Joan (incised)
  • Tyler, Jim and Jean – T with two dots (impressed) – looks like Greek letter psi [1977, 1981]
  • Tyndall, Geoffrey – in 1964 but no mark recorded
  • Tyrrel, Joan – J Tyrrel (incised), JT (painted), JT (impressed)
  • Tyson, Leonie –  The Diggings Pottery est 1980 (stamp) with Tyson (cursive) [1996]
  • Tyson, Suzi – ST (impressed)


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  1. There is an example of John Bosco Tipiloura’s mark here https://www.flickr.com/photos/45337063@N05/8653795035/in/photostream/


    Posted by mlsheld | April 5, 2014, 9:57 pm

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